Sunday, February 27, 2011

And The Beat Goes On....

Wow, life right now feels like a nice mix of the kind of excitement you get when you strap on your seatbelt in anticipation of a roller coaster ride that's sure to give you a range of emotions from exhilaration to trepidation, fear and relief - a beautiful mess! Guess what, I love it! It means, I'M ALIVE!  (giggles).

Well, there's much to share as our clients are LIVING and BREATHING their PASSIONS for serving others and sharing their natural God-given talents with the world! Very exciting watching these brand-makers SOAR!

Parenting Expert, Dr. Bisa
Thursday was such a day of celebration with our Parenting Expert, Dr. Bisa's debut on (courtesy of Blogger Extraordinaire, Afrobella)! Congrats Dr. Bisa!  She looked so beautiful in her "Natural Hair" story,'s line up of natural hair stories featuring beautiful, dynamic and inspiring women!  Then the weekend continued with client, Renee Knorr at a power meeting with other magnificent women as we discussed the latest in celebrity golf, fashion and lifestyle. Quite exciting as we 'name-dropped' celebs you'd only see on Oprah's couch - OW! Then it was on to Matchmaker Ming Gregory of Color Blind International to prepare for NATIONAL!!!! (sighing here....A. Little. Bit. Stressed.)

Client, Tia R. Ervin of Milestone Occasions kicked-off her signature "Mom & Me" Bridal Luncheon at the Atlanta Marriott Buckhead with a nice and intimate crowd of mothers and daughters getting ready for the biggest day in their lives.  It was very beautiful, inviting and fun! Ms. Tia R. Ervin knows her stuff!  I understand why she was named The Knot's 2010 Wedding Planner of the Year and why Lifetime's Get Married featured her thrice! We were joined by Ms. Talking with Tami as our media guest, I think she had fun, check out her write-up.
Beautiful Lighting courtesy of Toni McDaniel of Floral Couture
Tia R. Ervin w/"Foxy" - Courtesy of Talking w/Tami

Then it was off to the event of the night, courtesy of Art of Facts PR and Myliek where client Sakiri Vodka and Renee Knorr had the opportunity to be dreamy and dapper at the 'Wedding Soiree' held at the beautiful and swanky Ventanas in Downtown Atlanta - breathtaking view of the city!  It was a book signing with authors, celebrity wedding planners Gail & Hester.  It was SO CHIC! Renee was a very gorgeous Bride and her beautiful spirit was the icing on the cake!  Sakiri Vodka was the exclusive Vodka for the evening that had 3 bars - 2 downstairs (one rooftop) and one upstairs.  Myleik, GREAT JOB!
Model, Renee Knorr & Tamika (T.Morrison Agency CEO)
Beautiful Spring-like night on the rooftop at Ventanas-ATL

Renee Knorr, Gorgeous Bride @ "Wedding Soiree"

And then there goes that beat!  The fire bell rang n the form of my vibrating Blackberry way too many times and (oh so very loudly)! Then and I was in PR 'damage control' mode and OFF as I dashed from the fab soiree like Cinderella to rescue a client in need.  A. Day. In the Life.....Of....P....R.... Love it!

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