Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Calling ALL Atlanta Actors, Directors, Writers and Filmmakers!!

Not having control over your destiny is not a powerful feeling. When looking for a job you look for a field of work that excites or interests you. Acting and film is no different. Actors, directors, writers, and others have allowed themselves to fall victim to the money driven film industry. For those who want the freedom of choice and the luxury of expression, The Georgia Big Picture Conference sponsored by the Atlanta Film Festival grants aspiring members of the film industry an opportunity to control the destiny.

The GABPC is a 3-day intensive conference with over 35 industry professionals at your fingertips to share their knowledge, stories and insight and answer your questions about working in the entertainment industry. The conference will take place April 17, 18 and 19 at Hotel Midtown (Peachtree and 10th) and is divided into creative and business tracks to help you gain knowledge and hands on experience to create your own project. The Conference is also partnered with the Atlanta Film Festival, so an attendee can maximize their experience by attending both.

This conference satisfies the creative and business aspects of this industry.
The Business Track includes seminars entitled, From Here to Hollywood: Industry Networking Basics, Documentary Dialogues, Film Entrepreneurism: A Producers Panel, Breakdown: Budgeting & Production Scheduling, In the Can: Marketing & Promoting Your Completed Project, and Distribution Options and Alternatives.

The Creative Track includes: CampusMovieFest, Directors Boot Camp, Pt 1(Pre-Production: Casting & Directors Vision), Directors Boot Camp, Pt 2 (Production: Filming), Directors Boot Camp, Pt 3 (Post Production: Editing) Seeing Red: Production on the Red Camera.

The key to opportunity is knowledge and utilizing resources. Being able to know all aspects of your craft and industry increases the chance of success. For more info or to register, go to