Sunday, February 27, 2011

And The Beat Goes On....

Wow, life right now feels like a nice mix of the kind of excitement you get when you strap on your seatbelt in anticipation of a roller coaster ride that's sure to give you a range of emotions from exhilaration to trepidation, fear and relief - a beautiful mess! Guess what, I love it! It means, I'M ALIVE!  (giggles).

Well, there's much to share as our clients are LIVING and BREATHING their PASSIONS for serving others and sharing their natural God-given talents with the world! Very exciting watching these brand-makers SOAR!

Parenting Expert, Dr. Bisa
Thursday was such a day of celebration with our Parenting Expert, Dr. Bisa's debut on (courtesy of Blogger Extraordinaire, Afrobella)! Congrats Dr. Bisa!  She looked so beautiful in her "Natural Hair" story,'s line up of natural hair stories featuring beautiful, dynamic and inspiring women!  Then the weekend continued with client, Renee Knorr at a power meeting with other magnificent women as we discussed the latest in celebrity golf, fashion and lifestyle. Quite exciting as we 'name-dropped' celebs you'd only see on Oprah's couch - OW! Then it was on to Matchmaker Ming Gregory of Color Blind International to prepare for NATIONAL!!!! (sighing here....A. Little. Bit. Stressed.)

Client, Tia R. Ervin of Milestone Occasions kicked-off her signature "Mom & Me" Bridal Luncheon at the Atlanta Marriott Buckhead with a nice and intimate crowd of mothers and daughters getting ready for the biggest day in their lives.  It was very beautiful, inviting and fun! Ms. Tia R. Ervin knows her stuff!  I understand why she was named The Knot's 2010 Wedding Planner of the Year and why Lifetime's Get Married featured her thrice! We were joined by Ms. Talking with Tami as our media guest, I think she had fun, check out her write-up.
Beautiful Lighting courtesy of Toni McDaniel of Floral Couture
Tia R. Ervin w/"Foxy" - Courtesy of Talking w/Tami

Then it was off to the event of the night, courtesy of Art of Facts PR and Myliek where client Sakiri Vodka and Renee Knorr had the opportunity to be dreamy and dapper at the 'Wedding Soiree' held at the beautiful and swanky Ventanas in Downtown Atlanta - breathtaking view of the city!  It was a book signing with authors, celebrity wedding planners Gail & Hester.  It was SO CHIC! Renee was a very gorgeous Bride and her beautiful spirit was the icing on the cake!  Sakiri Vodka was the exclusive Vodka for the evening that had 3 bars - 2 downstairs (one rooftop) and one upstairs.  Myleik, GREAT JOB!
Model, Renee Knorr & Tamika (T.Morrison Agency CEO)
Beautiful Spring-like night on the rooftop at Ventanas-ATL

Renee Knorr, Gorgeous Bride @ "Wedding Soiree"

And then there goes that beat!  The fire bell rang n the form of my vibrating Blackberry way too many times and (oh so very loudly)! Then and I was in PR 'damage control' mode and OFF as I dashed from the fab soiree like Cinderella to rescue a client in need.  A. Day. In the Life.....Of....P....R.... Love it!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trying Not to Run on Empty While Serving the Globe

Monday's have a way of 'tricking' me.  I was able to schedule a block of time for me and a client to be strategic, plan and predict the possible outcomes of a major PR opportunity with a national outlet.  We were at one of my favorite places - drinking coffee, reading through magazines and looking at trends.  I love that kind of stuff! Once we were about 2 hours in and my phone was mysteriously quiet - I knew I had reason to be concerned.  Thing is, the problem didn't immediately reveal itself.  Nope, it waited to hit me today at 3:30am!

Up until that point, I felt pretty accomplished - I had tons to do (that's normal), but it all felt manageable...or so I always think.  Then I checked my BB (Blackberry) and realized two press releases I sent over had way too many grammactical errors, so up I go to my's ONLY 3:30am...right? Well, that was just the beginning!

I did go back to sleep after putting in 2 hours and was awakened by a reporter calling to track my client down facing a slight PR crisis and from that point on, it was meeting, after meeting, after meeting, after meeting, that my head almost started spinning because literally with each new meeting I was speaking weddings, style, fashion and golf, contracts, press releases, media relation updates and scheduling more meetings, sending over proposals and contracts, get my point!  Wooo Sah!  I do love what I do though.  I am grateful brands and clients trust me to lead the way to putting them in front of their audiences. My clients are passionate about their gifts and talents and I am passionate about their gifts and talents too and feel very privileged to be chosen to work alongside them in the greatness being created.  I just have to remember, I'm no good to them if I don't take time to fill my own tank. Even in the midst of deadlines and meetings, there has to be reflection time to realize how blessed I am to live my dream doing what I was born to do, inhaling and exhaling of the beauty around me and a pause to get my thoughts together so I'm the best ME on the J-O-B!

In the spirit of taking a moment to reflect, here's some great news coming from Renee Knorr, Fashion & Beauty expert who serves as the Fashion & Beauty director for the ultra-mod 19th Hole Magazine as they prepare for their "Colours of Golf Global Model Search"!  Pass the word!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

All We Do is "Win! Win! Win!" - No Matter What

It's been a week of zipping here and there with more meetings than I need to have because I just have so much fun meeting new and fascinating people.

It's been such a blessing connecting with the 'winners' I met this week - from hiring a new business consultant to managing brands for my clients through media relationships and partnerships - I am ever convinced "Teamwork makes the Dream-work!" Cliche'? Yes, but true and it's been my truth for many years now!  Always remember, Winners surround themselves with other Winners.  So, all I ever expect to do is win because I understand.

And with that, my Winner Spotlight today features:

Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon and client, Dr. Nathaniel Johnson based in Atlanta was featured in Grazia Magazine talking celebrity cosmetics.  Magazine hits newsstands in the UK the week of February 21st!  Congrats Mr. "Hello Beautiful"!

I also met Style Maven and CEO of Blue Print For Style, Monica Barnett, an image consultant that writes for the likes of Lucky Magazine, My Jet 24 (JET Magazine), Neiman Marcus and Kenneth Cole, just to name a few.  This fashionista was recently featured in blog written by lovely actress, Malinda Williams.  To see this Lady in action, check out the article here. I'm just happy to say I met ya and look forward to the future with ya!

And Celebrity Wedding Planner and Winner of The Knot's 2010 Best of Wedding Planner, Tia Ervin of Milestone Occasions and I had several phone conversations that girls just need sometimes!  I look forward to the Mom & Me Bridal Luncheon Tia and her company is putting on with the Marriott of Buckhead in Atlanta.  Did you know Tia Ervin appeared in three episodes of the 2009 season of "Get Married" on Lifetime Television with Colin Cowie? She shared her expertise on several wedding topics including ways to incorporate water into a ceremony as a unique expression of love.  Check out the episodes here!

Just paying homage to just a few of the WINNERS I met this week! GRATITUDE & GRACE! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's called "Synergy"

Synergy in general, may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently.  Read it again and allow it to sink in...

I'm realizing when things happen effortlessly without coercion, long, drawn out conversations and unnecessary negotiations it is DIVINELY orchestrated or synergistic.  That's what life has been like at T.MORRISON Agency since our re-launch in January and boy, does it feel like cloud 9!
It also pays to properly utilize resources and relationships!  As a publicist that eats, sleeps and breathes PR, I learn more and more each day about relationships, resources and the powerful tool of connecting - that's one of the major components of success!

Because of the above, a woman I had the privilege of working with also happens to blog for  I know what her interests are and it just so happen that parenting expert and T.MORRISON Agency client, Dr. Bisa was a perfect fit, so we're looking forward to having Dr. Bisa's Q&A featured soon!

Also, we're gearing up for some exciting events and began our media relations campaign on a couple of them and started getting calls back from media outlets - I'm working on securing a TV feature for the client. I'm telling you, THIS is what I live for and on the flip-side, I had to reach out to a media outlet interested in a client's PR crisis and I'm telling you, wisdom is of the essence here!  Learning quite a lot on this side of the PR-coin!

So then it was off to some 'synergistic' connections with my newly hired business consultant with a specialty in IP (Intellectual Property) law and man, did she SCHOOL ME! *thanking God & Angels now!* on how to strategically move forward protecting all my assets to continue my win/win. This woman has IT!  We were meeting at a cute lounge called the Cupcake Lounge in Grant Park (pics below), the atmosphere is sexy and the Red Velvet cupcakes - OMG, I must have DIED and went to angel cake heaven, seriously!  Taj is sweet and treated us very well!

Today, was another day of effortless synergy from a powerful meeting with Producer, Ashia & Host, October Rose at Friday Girl TV to exchange and brainstorm over great ideas with all of our clients to digging into the voicemails with callbacks. Giving praises and honor to WHOM it all belongs to!  I am truly living life like it's golden and it feels wonderful to grow with tastemakers with a purpose and an understanding of how to bring great energy and passion to the table that naturally creates SYNERGY!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Making the "Love Day" Count

Today was an exceptional day, not to mention, it was Valentine's Day!  It was definitely a day of great celebrations and I had the pleasure of staring it off with breakfast at J. Christopher's in Vinings with a client facing a PR crisis situation and his attorney.  I am having fun figuring this media maze out and trying to 'outsmart' the cat! (smdh at the media on this one!)

Then it was off to the studios of CW 69's 'Focus Atlanta' a local program that focuses on the local taste-makers that makes Atlantans proud.  Parenting Expert, Dr. Bisa was the special guest to talk about the 2nd edition of her national credited preschool curriculum, WINGS.  Host, Keisha Lancelin seemed to be taken in by the interesting information Dr. Bisa had to offer about the early learning stages of kids birth - 5 and the importance of parents honing in on those skills that will ultimately set their child up to be successes in the classroom and with their peers.  The segment will air February 27, 2011 on CW69 (channel 10 in Atlanta) at Noon. A very engaging and hot topic of the moment - especially with Tiger Mom and all. I loved all the excitement - LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

Then we ended the day with a special client/friend lunch at Papadeaux mmmmm, mmmmmm good!  Dr. Bisa and I both had the scrumptious Louisiana Seafood Gumbo and I had fried oysters. What a treat!

Today was definitely a day of celebrating collaborative work - I love what I do! #PR! #PR! #PR!

The day ended in several follow-up phone calls to my assistant, other clients and now, it's on to the next episode of what's sure to be equally exciting for us! We got that #T.MORRISON Agency #Swag!

We wish all clients: Colorblind International, Ming Gregory, Imagery Films, Fashion & Beauty Expert, Renee Knorr, TANKOH, Dr. Bisa, Royal Cosmetic Surgery, Sakiri Vodka and those yet to come, (you know who you are!!) a very HAPPY Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Ideas/Suggestions from the T.Morrison Agency Client List

Well, we've had a great week of activity and I'm happy to have such a great client-base in place that keeps life EXCITING!

As the givers they are, my clients would be re-missed if I didn't take the time to share with you some of their ideas and suggestions to celebrate the LUV day!

Matchmaker Extraordinaire, Ming Gregory of Color Blind International can hardly contain her excitement as she counsels and consults couples on a regular basis. This "International Love Guru" is working on her break-out book all about dating from an Intentional perspective and has this to offer: "Ladies, if you are coupled up, then dare to go a little on the wild side and spice things up for Valentines Day!  Sure, flowers and candies are cute and you want them, but think in terms of "adventure" and give him a V-Day he'll never forget!"  And for the single ladies, "It's nothing wrong with pampering yourself!  There's plenty you can do, from taking yourself on a weekend getaway, dolo-solo or with the girlies, to creating a bath spa complete with rose petals, scented candles, bubble bath, music .....and.....well, if you have other things to throw in to make it all about you, then you go girl!" Stay tuned for Ms. Gregory's international debut coming SOON!

Filmmaker, Duane Dixon who's debut film, Rendezvous, will premiere in Atlanta with a private press screening on March 16th and a public premiere scheduled at the Midtown Arts Center on April 21st, encourages all - couples, singles, straight and gay to indulge in all the possibilities a Rendezvous could inquire. Dixon states, "Not all Rendezvous' are bad endings nor are they all infidelities."  He continues, "This Valentine's Day, make it a very special occasion, as a matter of fact, check out the Rendezvous trailer and let that 'tease' give you some ideas.  And, let us know what you came up with - you can do it anonymous on our Facebook page, we promise to keep your secrets."  Well, OK Mr. Dixon!

Model, Philanthropist and Fashion & Beauty Expert, Renee Knorr is off to the Grammy's with SAKIRI Vodka as they prepare to be the OFFICIAL VODKA SPONSOR for the 2nd Annual "Essentials" Gifitng Suite in LA for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards with an A-list Celebrity list that makes me a little jealous I'm not in the BUILDING! Renee shares, "I'm not sure who died and made others Kings/Queens in the field of judging others, but don't be so quick to call someone a name, or hate, or describe them to be who you thought they were.  We are all beautiful, all evolving and loved by an everlasting, Almighty God, so know you are beautiful and work on the inside as well as the outside, then Valentine's Day will always be special whether you are coupled or not."

And for the kiddies - TANKOH's "Mommy & Me" software safeguarding kids against online predators and child predators definitely is a way to love on your children over and over again. Parenting Expert, Dr. Bisa always have tips for how to make Valentine's Day relevant for the family and Karyn Pollard of POSH Boutique in Marietta, Georgia never passes up a moment to spread a little love - she's the mother of foster children and during our exciting brainstorming meeting today she gushed, "Gosh, if I were super rich (and she will be), I would take 20 kids to have lunch with Cinderella, get on a plane and take them all to Disney World, now that is living!" And last and certainly NOT LEAST, Mr. "Hello Beautiful" himself reminds us, it's not about what others can do for you, it's about what YOU can do for somebody else!  Don't you love that?!  I DO!

Happy Valentine's Day from the T.MORRISON Agency!  We love    S    P    R    E    A    D   I    N    G  the love!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

T.MORRISON Agency On the Media Scene for the Chinese New Year with client Sakiri Vodka

T.MORRISON Agency had a great time representing client, Sath Nop/SAKIRI Vodka at the 19th Hole Magazine Chinese New Year Fusion19 Event where the New Times Culture Center/Shen Yun Performing Arts Center was the benefit of the evening.  Other clients in attendance were: Renee Knorr, Fashion & Beauty Director of the 19th Hole Magazine, Royal Cosmetic Surgery, and POSH Boutique. Special thanks to It's Arkeedah, Friday Girl TV, 411 The Show & Haute Travels for covering the event for our clients!

It was truly a great start to the new year of the RABBIT!  More pictures of the event can be viewed here: