Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Ideas/Suggestions from the T.Morrison Agency Client List

Well, we've had a great week of activity and I'm happy to have such a great client-base in place that keeps life EXCITING!

As the givers they are, my clients would be re-missed if I didn't take the time to share with you some of their ideas and suggestions to celebrate the LUV day!

Matchmaker Extraordinaire, Ming Gregory of Color Blind International can hardly contain her excitement as she counsels and consults couples on a regular basis. This "International Love Guru" is working on her break-out book all about dating from an Intentional perspective and has this to offer: "Ladies, if you are coupled up, then dare to go a little on the wild side and spice things up for Valentines Day!  Sure, flowers and candies are cute and you want them, but think in terms of "adventure" and give him a V-Day he'll never forget!"  And for the single ladies, "It's nothing wrong with pampering yourself!  There's plenty you can do, from taking yourself on a weekend getaway, dolo-solo or with the girlies, to creating a bath spa complete with rose petals, scented candles, bubble bath, music .....and.....well, if you have other things to throw in to make it all about you, then you go girl!" Stay tuned for Ms. Gregory's international debut coming SOON!

Filmmaker, Duane Dixon who's debut film, Rendezvous, will premiere in Atlanta with a private press screening on March 16th and a public premiere scheduled at the Midtown Arts Center on April 21st, encourages all - couples, singles, straight and gay to indulge in all the possibilities a Rendezvous could inquire. Dixon states, "Not all Rendezvous' are bad endings nor are they all infidelities."  He continues, "This Valentine's Day, make it a very special occasion, as a matter of fact, check out the Rendezvous trailer and let that 'tease' give you some ideas.  And, let us know what you came up with - you can do it anonymous on our Facebook page, we promise to keep your secrets."  Well, OK Mr. Dixon!

Model, Philanthropist and Fashion & Beauty Expert, Renee Knorr is off to the Grammy's with SAKIRI Vodka as they prepare to be the OFFICIAL VODKA SPONSOR for the 2nd Annual "Essentials" Gifitng Suite in LA for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards with an A-list Celebrity list that makes me a little jealous I'm not in the BUILDING! Renee shares, "I'm not sure who died and made others Kings/Queens in the field of judging others, but don't be so quick to call someone a name, or hate, or describe them to be who you thought they were.  We are all beautiful, all evolving and loved by an everlasting, Almighty God, so know you are beautiful and work on the inside as well as the outside, then Valentine's Day will always be special whether you are coupled or not."

And for the kiddies - TANKOH's "Mommy & Me" software safeguarding kids against online predators and child predators definitely is a way to love on your children over and over again. Parenting Expert, Dr. Bisa always have tips for how to make Valentine's Day relevant for the family and Karyn Pollard of POSH Boutique in Marietta, Georgia never passes up a moment to spread a little love - she's the mother of foster children and during our exciting brainstorming meeting today she gushed, "Gosh, if I were super rich (and she will be), I would take 20 kids to have lunch with Cinderella, get on a plane and take them all to Disney World, now that is living!" And last and certainly NOT LEAST, Mr. "Hello Beautiful" himself reminds us, it's not about what others can do for you, it's about what YOU can do for somebody else!  Don't you love that?!  I DO!

Happy Valentine's Day from the T.MORRISON Agency!  We love    S    P    R    E    A    D   I    N    G  the love!

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