Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's called "Synergy"

Synergy in general, may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently.  Read it again and allow it to sink in...

I'm realizing when things happen effortlessly without coercion, long, drawn out conversations and unnecessary negotiations it is DIVINELY orchestrated or synergistic.  That's what life has been like at T.MORRISON Agency since our re-launch in January and boy, does it feel like cloud 9!
It also pays to properly utilize resources and relationships!  As a publicist that eats, sleeps and breathes PR, I learn more and more each day about relationships, resources and the powerful tool of connecting - that's one of the major components of success!

Because of the above, a woman I had the privilege of working with also happens to blog for  I know what her interests are and it just so happen that parenting expert and T.MORRISON Agency client, Dr. Bisa was a perfect fit, so we're looking forward to having Dr. Bisa's Q&A featured soon!

Also, we're gearing up for some exciting events and began our media relations campaign on a couple of them and started getting calls back from media outlets - I'm working on securing a TV feature for the client. I'm telling you, THIS is what I live for and on the flip-side, I had to reach out to a media outlet interested in a client's PR crisis and I'm telling you, wisdom is of the essence here!  Learning quite a lot on this side of the PR-coin!

So then it was off to some 'synergistic' connections with my newly hired business consultant with a specialty in IP (Intellectual Property) law and man, did she SCHOOL ME! *thanking God & Angels now!* on how to strategically move forward protecting all my assets to continue my win/win. This woman has IT!  We were meeting at a cute lounge called the Cupcake Lounge in Grant Park (pics below), the atmosphere is sexy and the Red Velvet cupcakes - OMG, I must have DIED and went to angel cake heaven, seriously!  Taj is sweet and treated us very well!

Today, was another day of effortless synergy from a powerful meeting with Producer, Ashia & Host, October Rose at Friday Girl TV to exchange and brainstorm over great ideas with all of our clients to digging into the voicemails with callbacks. Giving praises and honor to WHOM it all belongs to!  I am truly living life like it's golden and it feels wonderful to grow with tastemakers with a purpose and an understanding of how to bring great energy and passion to the table that naturally creates SYNERGY!

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Dr. Bisa said...

I looooove my Publicist, T. Morrison!