Thursday, March 29, 2012



Last Thursday, our client, "The Relationship Strategist", Kenny Pugh ventured back to his hometown in the Buckeye State - Dayton, Ohio for his much anticipated "Can You Do IT Standing Up?" (CYDISU) book tour and was THE media darling with more interviews than the actual time he would be there.

On Thursday, Pugh interviewed with Vick at The Dayton Daily News and was quite impressed with the level of questions he was asked.  Pugh shares Vick asked questions about Pugh's upbringing and how his parents' relationship encouraged his current viewpoint among other interesting questions. We look forward to getting the published article and sharing with his friends and family in Dayton!

Kenny Pugh on Living Dayton TV with Nathalie and Zuri
Friday morning, Kenny met with Natasha at WHIO to talk about his inspiration behind the book which led to the idea that he should meet with a group of high school students to inspire them with his personal story of being a 'hometown hero' and the possibilities they have available to them. Oops, school was out, but we hear the interview aired this past Monday and was great!  As soon as we get the footage we'll post!

Click here to see Kenny on Living Dayton shortly after his interview at WHIO, which sparked some real intrigue from the co-hosts!

He also got a chance to hang out with Garth at 92.1 and the Femme Fatale "CRUNK" radio show with his college friend Rich along with Lady Kootore and Nedra that was hilarious!

Pugh's events were very successful and attracted crowds and fans where he showed up.  We're very grateful to Cameron and Natasha at WHIO, Garth (92.1), Rhonda (Living Dayton), Meredith & Vick at Dayton Daily News, Kevin at Columbus Black and the team at Femme Fatale Radio Show!

Friday, March 16, 2012



If any of you live within a hint of Atlanta, then you should be very aware of one of the most desired media companies that calls Atlanta home, Modern Luxury Media the premier luxury lifestyle publisher in the United States. With titles such as The Atlantan, The Atlantan Brides, Jezebel and Men's Book, Modern Luxury excels in capturing the urbane metropolitan lifestyle.

After writing and sending out the press release announcing the historic Heisman moment for "King of Strings" Entertainer, Ken Ford, we knew this would be something Editor-in-Chief, Stephanie Davis Smith would be interested in.  "And I was right!", shares T.MORRISON AGENCY Principal, Tamika Morrison.  "Anyone who knows anything about Modern Luxury knows they love to feature certifiable 'local' celebrities with a national flair. With Ken's great accomplishment, being the first-ever musician playing for the 77th Annual Heisman Trophy Presentation last November, I knew this was something that would make Atlanta very proud that Ken calls it home."

Long of the short, Davis immediately responded to Tamika's pitch with congratulations and that a writer had been assigned to do a feature story.  "I pinched myself but it was believable," says Tamika.

"When Ken and I arrived at the nondescript warehouse for his souped-up photo shoot a few weeks later complete with at least five changes of clothing, huge lights and changing backgrounds, I knew I had in a client what we desire as an agency- a brand with consistency, marketability and star-power."
Ken Ford photo shoot with 'The Atlantan' January 2012

Ken Ford photo shoot with 'The Atlantan' January 2012 

Make sure to pick up this month's issue of The Atlantan to see 'King of Strings', Entertainer, Ken Ford in rare form on page 60.  Also Modern Luxury's Jezebel sports a new look in this Spring Issue and former client, Pink Stiletto Valet continues to make appearances in Men's Book from our first introduction.  Check out pics below!

T.MORRISON AGENCY Client, Ken Ford on page 60 of "The Atlantan" Spring 2012 Issue

We LOVE getting Modern Luxury cover titles in the mail!
Special thanks to Stephanie Davis (EIC) The Atlantan and "Rock Star" photographer, Zack Arias (