Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Check Out T.MORRISON AGENCY Clients in Tastemaker Magazine Entertainment Issue

T.MORRISON AGENCY Clients BlackBride.com and One Hundred Days can both be seen in the newest issue of Atlanta Tastemaker Magazine - The Entertainment Issue:

BlackBride.com gives tips on how to be the 'Perfect Hostess' on page 93 while One Hundred Days and their global work in Rwanda is one of the 5 things we're discussion on an international level!  Check them out on page 46 and consider giving back and helping them with their goal of opening the first pediatric hospital this year!

Tastemaker Magazine continues to be one of our FAVE Atlanta-based magazines! Truly gives you a 'day-in-the-life' perspective with interesting stories and profiles!  Thanks Tastemaker for showing love to our clients!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Un-Comfort Zone

By: @1stLadyofPR

I was browsing articles sent to me today and scheduling Tweets and posts through our Hootsuite account when I came upon The Daily Love's "Want to IGNITE your creativity? Get uncomfortable…!:" article. At first I thought, "Hmmmm. This should be a good article that would resonate with most people in my feed. I'll tag it to post!" However, that truth-o-meter that I staunchly live by was saying, "Hello?  Isn't this your current state of BEING??"  Even though it almost appeared to be mocking in nature, it's true!

I am a Virgo in every sense of the word!  I can sense the changing tide of Virgo simply because all of my life's MAJOR transitions tends to happen in the eclipse of Fall.  I can recall with vivid memory the most life changing transitions of my life and the time of year in which they have happened.  For instance, my most recent major break-up of a two-year relationship ended last summer/fall; I left corporate America in the Fall of 2008; I decided to relocate from Charlotte (my hometown) to Atlanta in the Fall of 2006 and now that Fall 2012 is upon me, I promise you most times I feel like I'm walking a tight rope between sanity and insanity and fear and faith, however, this sentence in the article struck me the most because it provided such a huge sense of relief:
 "It is in the uncomfortable, scary place that we create the best. When our survival is on the line, our evolutionary impulse to create or die emerges. THAT is when the best stuff comes out of us. Which is why I’ve set one of my main intentions in life to always be on the knife’s edge of my comfort zone and always a little bit afraid."

I am keenly aware that I am being called to bring FORTH in the most amazing ways as I am being pushed beyond my current limitations and abilities. I am doing a little wrestling but I am finding my way!

As painfully true as it is....it is still true, there is always promise in the pain, the frustration, the thwarted plans, the twists, the turns as long as you remain the passenger though!  There is a 'Higher Intelligence' responsible for all of the magic in our lives and we have to learn to TRUST when we can't see. Have FAITH when it seems shaky and PROCLAIM the victory and the MAGIC as it unfolds bigger and better than imagined! Let God drive the bus!

So journey on in the un-comfort of it all and know that it's all working together to create something kinda wonderful!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Women You Can Have It All!

By: @1stLadyOfPR

I recently came across a great blog written by Little Pink Book that challenged women to consider - YES! You Can Have It All! It got me to thinking about this one quote: “'All' is in the eye of the beholder. No group, movement, gender, or generation can define it for you.” And that is absolutely right! Who are you allowing to define what "having it all means" and how's that working out for you?

Oftentimes in this dog-eat-dog, keeping-up-with-the-Joneses and coveting over what so-in-so has world, we forget the most important commandment of all - Thou shall not covet thou neighbor's house and anything else another has whether it's your neighbor, your sister, brother, best friend, mother, father, cousin, peer, business partner - and so on and so forth.  Not because it's just downright an ugly trait to possess, but it also cancels out your individual greatness and the purpose and plans meant for your own light to shine brightly.

Your having 'IT' all may be different from Oprah's, FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian or regular Jane across your cubicle and that is OK!  YOU are OK and YES! You too can have it 'all' - whatever that means to you and that's really all that matters!

As you go into your week to complete the tasks on your 'to do' list and push toward your dreams, find peace and solace that in your life, your all is achievable and then make it so! 

*Hopping of my proverbial soap box*  & I'm out!  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

CNN Interviews Founder, Tamika Morrison

By: Stevi Darden

CNN Living interviewed Tamika Morrison, CEO and Founder of T.MORRISON AGENCY. Because of her knowledge and love of social media platforms, CNN highlighted her interest in Pinterest when she attended the Atlanta Pinterest Party hosted by Fashion Writer, Melanie Woodruffe.

The social media “pinning” craze is new, but Tamika already honed in- meeting numerous professionals in Pinterest circles, seems to be ahead of the curve. Check out the link to hear about the Atlanta Pinterest Party and Tamika Morrison’s experience:

CNN Living cover's Pinterest

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Philanthropist and Make-Up Consultant Linda Cox Assists the T.MORRISON Interns on Professional Image Development

By: Stevi Darden

The T.MORRISON AGENCY team was fortunate enough to have their very own, Linda Cox, host a professional development class in the office last week! Cox, children’s author and philanthropist with the One Hundred Days nonprofit foundation, helped the interns to establish a clean, refreshed face in the workplace. Tips on eye contact, keeping a positive attitude, and professional decorum left the interns feeling upbeat and revitalized.

Considering the T.MORRISON AGENCY commitment to professionalism and positivity, it was only right that we would spend time mastering the importance of image.  After all, outer appearance and upkeep are also very important! Lovely Linda started by easing the interns’ concerns with pictures of the make-up she did on our agency’s Founder, Tamika Morrison. This cosmetic confidant answered concerns about skin tones, flattering colors, and skin problems.
Mrs. Linda holding up a picture of Tamika's "after" shot 

With so much valuable information regarding professional development and image, the T.MORRISON AGENCY interns will continue to strive to new levels of success. The team thanks Mrs. Linda Cox for her helpful words of wisdom and priceless tips and Mary Kay for sponsoring our professional development workshop!

Mary Kay Make Up Brush git set with foundation and primer - GREAT GIFT for new Grads!!

Please see the pictures below and if you didn’t hear their interview on NPR last month, here are the links!