Monday, June 24, 2013

Celebrity Fitness & Wellness Expert, Max Nazaire's Book featured on


We are excited to share that our client, Celebrity Fitness & Wellness Expert Max Nazaire's book got rave review's on  Thanks to China for requesting a look of the book after receiving our press release.

Click to read the review in it's entirety after the jump and let us know what you think!  You can also purchase "Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Wellness" online at or by visiting

Review on
Press Release: Star Athlete Release Book Sharing Triumph over Rare Fatal Heart Disease

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


By: 1stLadyofPR

I am proud to formally introduce you to the launch of the T.MORRISON Agency Speaker Division! We are fearlessly stepping into a new world of possibilities with some amazing speakers that represent diverse talents.

First up, is Dr. Claudia Barnett, an Author, Training and Performance Improvement Technologist and a Graduate Professor. Her twitter handle sums up her passion @PhDMentoring: she is compassionate, generous and full of empathy and will speak about how a mentoring relationship has the ability to be a bearer of miracles for those involved - mentee and mentor. (Exploring scientifically and spiritually)

This Q&A, "Mentoring as The Bearer of Miracles" with Dr. Claudia Barnett will take place on Wednesday, June 19th at 7:30pm and will explore the various benefits of a mentoring relationship and the ways in which a successful and structured one can be instrumental in bearing miracles.

If you are mentoring, thinking of mentoring or manage a program where mentoring is a key component, I invite you to join this call and pass it along!

MEDIA looking to book entertaining yet informative Celebrity Guests, Newsmakers, and Pop Culture Icons to help solve listings pressures, and are star attractions please make sure to join the call or contact us for booking info. Only 75 people can join, so please register ASAP.

REGISTER NOW & RECEIVE 10% off her groundbreaking title, "The Dissertation Process" **Media & Meeting Planner Alert** Mentoring as The Bearer of Miracles w/Dr. Claudia:

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The Black Man Can Announce Winners for 2nd Annual Awards on Father's Day


Founder Brandon Frame Award Upstanding Black Men Nationally Every Father's Day

Embarking on its 2nd2nd inaugural celebration, The Black Man Can awarded 13 men in 12 categories helping to honor and salute these young men for their outstanding contributions making it a very special Father's Day.

The site, which has featured over 150 extraordinary men and women and has received over three-million page views globally has been recognized as a media reformer, providing news of positive African-Americans to counteract many of the negatives.

Not meeting his own father until he was 18, Founder of The Black Man Can, Brandon Frame, an intentional champion of a cause, had a desire to seek out positive Black male role models, finding none; he created the website, to counter the stereotypes he found with positive stories of Black men and women globally. Because of its impact, The Black Man Can has been recently featured in JET Magazine's "Men of Honor" (May 2013), (May 2013), (May 2013), CNN Money, Black Celebrity Giving, Urban Health Magazine, CBS College Sports, etc., to name a few.

Congratulations to all the winners and for Brandon Frame for creating this dynamic opportunity for Black Men to be recognized for their awesome contributions!

Click below for the full release: The Black Man Can Announce Winners for 2nd Annual Awards on Father's Day:

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Kenny Pugh on Weekend Express as On-Air Guest Contributor w/Natasha Curry


This past weekend, our client, Kenny Pugh joined HLN's Natasha Curry on Weekend Express to talk about his article that appeared on, "Daddy Knows Best" about a Father who asked for his future son-in-law's credit report, medical history and a background check before he was willing to give his daughter's hand in marriage.

Some said that was a bit too much, but many think it's noble! Kenny Pugh weighed in with an expert's opinion.  See great photo/screen shot below and click the link to the video after the jump.

Congrats to Kenny Pugh who's making regular appearances on HLN as their guest contributor!

Click here for the piece:

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Star Athlete Releases Book Sharing Triumph over Rare Heart Disease and Reclaiming Wellness


Fit2DMax Inc. presents the release of International Wellness Ambassador, Max Nazaire's sophomore title, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wellness: How to Claim Your God Given Right to Be Healthy ($19.99 or e-book $7.99 Nazaire is a Brooklyn, New York native and was recruited as a top athlete to run cross country track and field at Farmingdale State University in Long Island where he would go on to set the Freshman record in the 5 mile run in just his first race before he suffered a major heart attack at the tender age of 18.

After a battery of tests, Nazaire was diagnosed with a rare and potentially fatal heart condition called Wolff Parkinson's White Syndrome that required him to have two surgeries. Not only did he beat the disease, but he has inspired others to live a life of health and wellness.

In Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Wellness, Maxim Nazaire who has been featured in major media outlets such as CNN, shares his testimony on how he was able to overcome injury, disease, depression, and self doubt to become one of the leading wellness ambassadors of today. When Nazaire realized that it was his God given right to be healthy, he was determined to become "Spiritually, Mentally and Physically Strong", his company's tagline, to inspire others to do the same.

Founder of Atlanta-based Fit2DMax, Inc., Nazaire is also a nationally recognized coach by the United States Track and Field (USATF), an organization that is known for having some of the best athletic coaches in the world.

Click below to read the release in it's entirety and check out a preview of Max's signature program "Max-a-bolic 3.0". Contact Fit2DMax, Inc. for a tour of their Atlanta-based facility.

Press Release: Star Athlete Releases Book Sharing Triumph over Rare Heart Disease Creating Path for Others:

Click here to hear Max on Total Education Network with Neil Haley (syndicated radio).

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Dr. Claudia Barnett Releases New Book sharing Insight into Mentoring to Career Success


Training and Performance Improvement Technologist and Graduate Professor, Dr. Claudia Barnett recently launched"The Dissertation Process: A Step-by-Step Mentored Guide" ( $29.99) as a much needed resource for individuals - students, professionals and anyone that finds themselves in need of a mentor to navigate the difficult waters to achieving one of life's cherished goals - becoming a PhD.

Written from the perspective and experience of a former doctoral candidate, "Dr. Claudia" (as she is affectionately called: Dr. Klaw), captures the essence and feelings of those who are going through the emotional challenges as a result of entering a rigorous doctoral program. Dr. Claudia says, "When you make a decision to go against all odds, you have to expect there will be challenges along the way. As a Mentor, I understand what it takes to be adequately prepared and I can share my own experience as encouragement for those who are actively on the journey."

Dr. Claudia tested this mentoring process in her own dissertation and came to some unique findings about how having a mentor helps to solidify success in your life. To learn more, click on the press release!

Click here to listen to Dr. Claudia on Total Education Network with Neil Harley

Graduate Professor Breaks Down Dissertation Process in New Book Using Mentoring Method:

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