Tuesday, June 18, 2013


By: 1stLadyofPR

I am proud to formally introduce you to the launch of the T.MORRISON Agency Speaker Division! We are fearlessly stepping into a new world of possibilities with some amazing speakers that represent diverse talents.

First up, is Dr. Claudia Barnett, an Author, Training and Performance Improvement Technologist and a Graduate Professor. Her twitter handle sums up her passion @PhDMentoring: she is compassionate, generous and full of empathy and will speak about how a mentoring relationship has the ability to be a bearer of miracles for those involved - mentee and mentor. (Exploring scientifically and spiritually)

This Q&A, "Mentoring as The Bearer of Miracles" with Dr. Claudia Barnett will take place on Wednesday, June 19th at 7:30pm and will explore the various benefits of a mentoring relationship and the ways in which a successful and structured one can be instrumental in bearing miracles.

If you are mentoring, thinking of mentoring or manage a program where mentoring is a key component, I invite you to join this call and pass it along!

MEDIA looking to book entertaining yet informative Celebrity Guests, Newsmakers, and Pop Culture Icons to help solve listings pressures, and are star attractions please make sure to join the call or contact us for booking info. Only 75 people can join, so please register ASAP.

REGISTER NOW & RECEIVE 10% off her groundbreaking title, "The Dissertation Process" **Media & Meeting Planner Alert** Mentoring as The Bearer of Miracles w/Dr. Claudia:

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