Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dr. Claudia Barnett Releases New Book sharing Insight into Mentoring to Career Success


Training and Performance Improvement Technologist and Graduate Professor, Dr. Claudia Barnett recently launched"The Dissertation Process: A Step-by-Step Mentored Guide" ( $29.99) as a much needed resource for individuals - students, professionals and anyone that finds themselves in need of a mentor to navigate the difficult waters to achieving one of life's cherished goals - becoming a PhD.

Written from the perspective and experience of a former doctoral candidate, "Dr. Claudia" (as she is affectionately called: Dr. Klaw), captures the essence and feelings of those who are going through the emotional challenges as a result of entering a rigorous doctoral program. Dr. Claudia says, "When you make a decision to go against all odds, you have to expect there will be challenges along the way. As a Mentor, I understand what it takes to be adequately prepared and I can share my own experience as encouragement for those who are actively on the journey."

Dr. Claudia tested this mentoring process in her own dissertation and came to some unique findings about how having a mentor helps to solidify success in your life. To learn more, click on the press release!

Click here to listen to Dr. Claudia on Total Education Network with Neil Harley

Graduate Professor Breaks Down Dissertation Process in New Book Using Mentoring Method:

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