Thursday, June 14, 2012

Relationship Strategist Kenny Pugh Featured Author at Central Library this Saturday

By: Stevi Darden | PR Intern

"The Relationship Strategist" Kenny Pugh
“Relationship Specialist” and motivational speaker, Kenny Pugh, will be the featured author providing a Q&A and book signing on Saturday,June 16th from 2pm-5pm at the Central Library at One MargaretMitchell Square in Atlanta.

June also happens to be Celibacy Awareness Month and whom better than, Kenny Pugh, relationship expert and motivational speaker, should lead the charge on single, celibate relationships? The bestselling author’s book, “Can You Do It Standing Up? A Different Position on Relationships” sheds light on living a wholesome, full life as well as a fulfilling romantic life.

Pugh is a six-year-celibate single’s minister with more advice to fill a thousand relationship-seeking hearts. Through years of presenting workshops, hosting conferences and non-profit events, Pugh has established a loyal following. Because of his experience in the past of “sowing his wild oats” in (and out of) relationships, Kenny has the expertise to advise honestly and candidly. See for yourself, his book signing will shed insight into the things that you did not know were missing in your dating life.

If your “Kenny Pugh thirst” cannot be quenched at the Central Library book signing, the hottest relationship symposium of the year might do the trick later that night.  The Jack A. Daniel’s “I Need a Wife” symposium from 7pm-9pm will be hosted at The Green Room Actors Lounge and our very own Kenny Pugh will provide astute insight as one of the six panelists. He will provide golden tips for the men who are single, successful, and ready to commit. Make sure to attend the “I Need a Wife” symposium to watch Kenny Pugh change lives!

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