Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Big Weekend!


Well the saying goes there's no rest for the weary, however, we beg to differ! Even as we were taking a bit of a reprieve in honor of what the traditional working world likes to call "the weekend", we couldn't help but stay glued to our email inboxes as good news was coming in left and right!

Thanks to the modern era of communication, we couldn't have missed it even if we tried as our text messages ensured us of the good news!

With that, we are happy to announce the following:

Starting TODAY you can catch Max Nazaire of @Fit2DMax weekly #MaxabolicMonday tips via @SheenMagazine!  Max is certified fitness and wellness trainer to the stars...and everyday individuals too! You'll be hearing a lot more about his brand in the coming days!

Also, Mr. Brandon Frame made the rounds in Connecticut and New York making appearances on Fox News Network's The Stan Simpson Show on Saturday and NBC New York's Positively Black on Sunday. Yes indeed, it's been a great weekend and we're only anticipating much more this week so stay tuned!!

Upper: Brandon on "Positively Black "
Bottom: Brandon on the set of "The Stan Simpson Show", Brandon Frame one of Hartford Business Journal's 40 Under 40!

: Client, Brandon Frame gets 3 major media hits in month of July! 1)Listed as one of Hartford's 40 Under 40. 2) Featured guest on The Stan Simpson Show (Hartford) to discuss the image of Black Men (Trayvon Martin) 3) Featured guest on Positively Black (NBC New York) to discuss the image of Black Men and his website The Black Man Can which promotes positively male images! #Proud #PurposeDriven #PRwithaPurpose (via our Pinterest)
Click here for video links:
Positively Black!/on-air/as-seen-on/Positively-Black--Brandon-Frame--TheBlackManCan-org/217206261
The Stan Simpson Show (Part 1):
The Stan Simpson Show (Part 2):

Special thanks to Sammi at Sheen Magazine, Kelly and Tracie Strahan at NBC's Positively Black and Fox New's Stan Simpson.  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

National is our Permanent Home!

By: @1stLadyofPR

I can hardly believe we are in the 3rd Qtr of the year and boy, has it been a whirlwind affair!

As we enjoy the cool breeze of Summer like a Spring day in Atlanta (weather has been cray-cray), we must also enjoy the progress that has been made in these past months!

Our clients have raised the bar which has refocused our lens to only seek national media and national opportunities - (Insert round of applause!).  Though exciting, anytime your territory is enlarged that automatically means more work is to be done which means periods of tiredness, challenge and even some losses. However, it's this process, a combination of pruning, learning and enduring that produces the greatest of results.

With that, we are excited to announce our agency is leading the way with a couple of national tours!

The "Can You Do It Standing Up?" National College Tour w/bestselling author Kenny Pugh kicks off this school semester! Complete details are forthcoming! If you are interested in being part of this tour as a sponsor, ambassador or partner, you can click here for more info.

Max-a-bolic 3.0 National Fitness & Wellness Tour with Celebrity Trainer Max Nazaire kicks off this August in Atlanta with a fitness flash mob! To join the mob which includes a deejay, celebrity appearances and a free workout, click here.

Thanks to all of our clients: Kenny Pugh, LLC, Abstinence Matters, Brandon Frame,, Max Nazaire, Fit2DMax, Impact Worship Center, Dr. Claudia Barnett, Jasmine Guy and countless media, bloggers and friends for their unwavering support of the work we do!

@1stLadyof PR celebrating various wins for T.MORRISON AGENCY! And yes, that is R&B Award-Winning Singer, Montell Jordan and his wife Kristin :)

Monday, July 22, 2013




We're happy to announce the following client media news:

Check out's lovely bridal collection in the current issue of Upscale Magazine available on stands NOW!

  • Life & Relationship Strategist Kenny Pugh was featured on the July 20th segment of Focus Atlanta on CW69 Talking Celibacy, Abstinence and his national "Can You Do It Standing Up?!" college tour!

It's been a fun month! Thanks to all our media partners and clients! Please visit for exclusive celebrity news and creative storytelling about dynamic business owners and cultural makers. Visit for all things upscale in the African-American community and make sure you tune in to Focus Atlanta on CW69 with fabulous host Keisha Lancelin who keeps the community informed with news you can use in your neighborhood and beyond!