Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaps, Bounds & Success

Happy Leap Day!?!  It sounds good - besides we don't get to say it except for once every 4 years or so. (smile).

It's been a week of media pitching, writing press releases, meetings, strategies and.....more meetings and  I'm feeling a little exhausted. #TimeforaVacay

But I got some great news on Saturday when a new addition was added to our family - little Andrea and she came a whopping one day before her mommy's birthday and her big sister birthday on the 26th - crazy how that worked out huh?  So if you didn't follow, Baby Andrea was born on Saturday, Feb. 25th and was her mommy's birthday gift. Her mommy's birthday is on the 26th as is Andrea's big sister, Yazzy who's now 4. How possible is that scenario and how often does things like that happen?  Well the possibilities are endless for how and why things end up the way that they do.  Just know that it all works in your favor some how!
We have a big day in our agency today. So I write this inspiring post on a day that is only possible for humans to experience every four years and I declare it a day of TREMENDOUS POSSIBILITIES!

As I put on my 'power cloak' and suit up for today's meeting, I leave you with a bit of how I'm feeling today - pretty darn POSSIBLE! I'll keep you posted!

P.S. Pinterest is a great tool too #GetSome inspiration and possibilities to add to your portfolio!  Click the hyperlink to get a sneak peek into our Pinterest World! xoxo!

I like to say, "With God ALL THINGS are Possible!"

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Highlights from Evening of Entertainment with Kenny Pugh

On Valentine's Day we spent quality time with "The Relationship Strategist" himself, Kenny Pugh as he hosted The Chat Kafe live at The Cup Gourmet Cafe in quaint Brookhaven in Atlanta.

He was joined by Comedian C. Davis who had our sides cracked all night along with the wisdom and wit of Tia R. Ervin aka "The WEDucator" as they gave insight, advice and encourage to singles who donned the venue with class, sophistication and the expectation to celebrate their singleness!

Keni Myles of The Rude Boys serenaded us with classics and new music that had us all swaying and singing along to his lyrics.

If you missed this event, you don't want to miss any others as Mr. Pugh is taking this show on the road and heading up towards Columbus, Ohio next.  However, The Chat Kafe streams live every Tuesday night at 8pm - 10pm and airs in Atlanta on Fridays at 1570AM.

Godiva Liqueur sponsored the "Chocolate on the Rocks" for the night and photography and video are courtesy of Kennard Photography, NRX Studios & Kennard Media Group

(left) Comedian C. Davis

Special thanks to BE Magazine for providing coverage in their latest issue with an article on Kenny Pugh! Make sure to keep up with all our news and updates by 'liking' our Facebook page and following us on Twitter.

More pictures can be viewed on Kenny's Facebook page, so be sure to connect with him directly.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Keeping Up with T.MORRISON


You always have to be on-point when working in public relations because you never know if one of your clients may need you at the last minute to attend an event or red carpet awards show with them, just as our Founder, Tamika Morrison experienced.  Tamika had the pleasure of being invited to The 2nd Annual Legendary Awards presented by Divas Unlimited at The Fabulous Fox Theater.  The event was hosted by retired NBA player, Dominique Wilkins and his dynamic committee.  Two of our clients Dr. Nathaniel Johnson and Mr. Val Archer (Tuskegee Airmen) attended the event side by side with Tamika. Mr. Archer received recognition for his contribution to American History as portrayed in the blockbuster movie, "Red Tails" and was award honorees, Music Producer, Dallas Austin, Football Hall of  Fame Deion Sanders and Media Mogul Mr. Ted Turner

NFL Hall of Fame, Deion Sanders
with Retired NBA Dominique Wilkins
Deion Sanders with Dr. "Hello Beautiful" Johnson

Tuskegee Airmen, Mr. & Mrs. Val Archer

Dr. "Hello Beautiful" Johnson and T.MORRISON

Media Mogul, Mr. Ted Turner

What a beautiful event, which was captured by photographer PaulBiagui Photography!

We received the official footage from The Wendell Show when our client, One Hundred Days (who's also the recipient of a big win from a major online news site!) was on their show last month to talk about the great work they are doing to help restoration in Rwanda. Founder of OHD, Dr. Scott Sasser and Linda Cox shared the stage, engaging college students on the campus of UGA about their Rwandan journey.  Linda Cox says it best, “It warms my heart to want to help someone who wants to help themselves that much.”  When she’s speaking about Rwanda you can see in her eyes the passion she has for the cause.  You can check out the interview below:

This has been a great week for us as we've had several media requesting our clients, especially, Mr. Val Archer, Tuskegee Airmen and "The Relationship Strategist", Kenny Pugh.  

Special thanks to Tekoa Gospel News that features Kenny Pugh on their cover as well as features on The Black Man Can interviewed by Founder, Brandon Frame, and and an appearance on The Wendell Show at the campus of UGA.  Kenny will also be featured relationship speaker at STIR this Saturday, February 18th in Decatur, Georgia at the Porter Sanford Performing Arts Center. As you can see, he's definitely one to watch!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"The Relationship Strategist" Give Singles Ways to AVOID Backsliding

Bestselling Author & Radio Personality
"The Relationship Strategist" Kenny Pugh

Kenny Pugh,“The Relationship Strategist” is the author of bestselling title, “Can You Do IT Standing Up? A Different Position on Relationships” (November 2011).

We've been working with the "Celibate, Committed & Courageous" eligible bachelor with his book, that has sold thousands of copy to date.  We recently sat down and spoke with Kenny about his message of promoting sexually purity during courtship.

With Kenny's insights in his latest book, he has advice for single men and women and pleading with them to not allow the approaching "V-Day" take them backsliding into unhealthy relationships.

Here are some insights:

·         Meet your partner at a volunteer event – Kenny states that having shared goals gives a relationship more of a foundation to build upon and instead of adding ‘notches’ to your belt, you can actually add ‘bricks’ that will make the possibilities for a long-term relationship more of a reality.

·         Wait to have sex – He is a single man that has practiced celibacy over the past several years in dating relationships. Kenny credits keeping sex absence from the relationship has given him a clearer picture of whether his love interest is a good match or a ‘good look’ and since sex is kept out of the equation, it has led to building great friendships thereby avoiding misleading someone once it’s determined there is nothing in common outside of the initial physical attraction.

·         Date Yourself – Kenny encourages singles to date themselves first and foremost to become the “Mr. or Ms. Right” they are seeking in someone else. Mr. Pugh points out in his book that there is often a lopsided ratio that says there are more women to a single man, therefore giving men the upper-hand, however, in his book, Pugh states, “the QUANTITY of women has NO correlation to the QUALITY of available women.” He concludes that men often find there are more unqualified women than they are quality women and if individuals focus on improving themselves first then they’ll be more likely to attract a quality mate that will lead to long-term benefits such as marriage.

As a matter-of-fact, you can put this into practice right now! Make sure to attend "Evening of Entertainment" in Atlanta with Kenny and friends at The Cup on February 14th! Tickets only $15 and includes a live remote of The Chat Kafe Show, Comedy, Music and Relationship Talk and includes light bites and cocktails compliments of Godiva Liqueur.

Kenny wishes to serve as a vessel of understanding in an era of disconnected, aimless, and broken relationships, and to soothe adversities of all forms, whether practical, relational, or spiritual. Through years of experience as a facilitator, workshop presenter, and keynote speaker at various conferences, ministry services, and for profit corporate events, Kenny has refined his sense of relationship success through the art of communication, willingness to be vulnerable and promoting sexual purity between dating couples.

There are more dating insights to explore in Kenny Pugh’s book, “Can You Do ITStanding Up?” so be sure to purchase yours today and sign-up for the next CYDISU event or book tour at

Sunday, February 12, 2012

We SALUTE Angelic Beauty & Music Icon: WHITNEY HOUSTON

Gone too soon and will NEVER be forgotten.  May you rest in peace and your spirit live on forever.  You've touched many and left a beautiful legacy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Midweek News and Updates with T.MORRISON AGENCY

By: Portia Rice

I wouldn’t have asked for this New Year to start any different!

Relationship Strategist, Kenny Pugh talking about his book,
"Can You Do It Standing Up" with Wendell Scott of
The Wendell Show in Athens
The Wendell Show was a great experience and opportunity for not one of our clients, but for TWO of our clients!  Relationship Strategist,Kenny Pugh and Black Bride's Mary Chatman had the great opportunity to be guest appearances on The Wendell Show this past Monday, February 6, 2012.  

The experience was phenomenal! Being a single Christian woman here in Atlanta, GA I love hearing the male perspective on relationships with a biblical stand point. Also, Black Bride's President, Mary Chatman had the studio audience excited by giving them a recap of the 2nd annual bridal showcase and gave them great ideas about that special day.  With notes from Kenny and Mary I will be sooo ready for that Man and Wedding Experience! J  These two clients truly are two hits so make sure to tune in to see their interview; dates coming soon so make sure to continue following. 

Well as we all know the celebration of LOVE is around the corner!  Now many singles, such as myself would love for this day just to pass by and because of that Kenny wanted to do something special for the Singles here in Atlanta.   He will be hosting an evening of true entertainment at The Cup CafĂ© filled with excitement, laughter and special drinks sponsored by Godiva Liqueur! On top of that we will be graced by the presence of Comedian C. Davis and The WEDucator - pique your interest? Well, get your tickets now because we are almost sold out! 

Now, rejoicing in the month celebrating African Americans, the “Real” Tuskgee Airmen will be honored on Saturday, February 11th at 2pm co-sponsored by  The Central Library here in Atlanta, GA and T.MORRISON AGENCY.  With the new movie Red Tails released what better way to get their story out then during a month when we are celebrating the accomplishments of African-Americans!  Zellie Rainey Orr, National Historian will lead the panel and will sign her book "Heroes in War" (pictured below being held by Tyler Perry) and will be joined by Tuskegee Airmen, Mr. Val Archer & Black Fighter Pilot, Mr. Ed Lewis. Come out and see the documentary "Double Victory" just released on "The History Channel" and meet their families. Hear from these men about their experiences and get even more than what we learn about in our history classes. I know I will be there with my camera and autographed book!
Tyler Perry, Michiko Williams, Author/Speaker/HistorianZellie Rainey Orr, Original Tuskegee Airmen, Hillard Touncy
at Tyler Perry's house for "Red Tails" event in Atlanta

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Have We Been Up To Lately?

Photo Credit: Rolling Out Magazine/Talking With Tami

Well, I'm glad you asked!  Let me just say, it's been an exciting ride!

Black Bride's 2nd Annual Bridal Show was a HUGE success and it was a privilege and honor to be part of such a ground-breaking concept!  Thanks to all the media that came out and showed us pre and post love.  Special Thanks to: E. Vincent Martinez of & Talking with Tami (Rolling Out Magazine).  We'll share pictures and post coverage as it arrives, but make sure to "Like Us" on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter!

We've also hired a new PR Associate!  Portia Rice comes to us by way of Vegas but was a former intern that graduated from Clark Atlanta in 2011.  It warmed my heart to get a personal call from Portia asking to come on-board as an associate.  She has been - by far - one of the best intern's we've had and it was an honor to welcome her back on board! You can follow Portia on Twitter @Ms_PRGraduate.

As you know, One Hundred Days was nominated and WON The Little Pink Book's TOP Philanthropy for 2012.  Kelli Sasser, co-Founder, represented well for us!!! We are thankful to the over 500 votes received!!! More deets will come shortly!

Actress Kim Coles & Tamika Morrison (T.MORRISON Agency)
I also had the pleasure of meeting the infamous Afrobella creative-brain of the phenomenal Patrice Yursik and the ever funny oh-so-beautiful Actor, Comedian & GODDESS, Kim Coles! They were both featured speakers at Fro Fashion Week that took place in Atlanta. Patrice invited me and my client out to the VIP party to meet her and Kim and it was FIYAH!  I'm so happy we finally embraced in person. Patrice! (please forgive the bad quality photo of me & Kim)

The Wendell Show out of Athens on the campus of UGA (University of Georgia) has so graciously hosted many of our clients these two months as guests of their season finale!'s CEO Mary Chatman and Bestselling Author & Relationship Strategist, Kenny Pugh, made appearances last night!  We'll keep you posted as to when these will air!

That's our 'Month-In-The-Life-Of' and we're sticking to it!  How's your month been?!  Holla at us!