Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"The Relationship Strategist" Give Singles Ways to AVOID Backsliding

Bestselling Author & Radio Personality
"The Relationship Strategist" Kenny Pugh

Kenny Pugh,“The Relationship Strategist” is the author of bestselling title, “Can You Do IT Standing Up? A Different Position on Relationships” (November 2011).

We've been working with the "Celibate, Committed & Courageous" eligible bachelor with his book, that has sold thousands of copy to date.  We recently sat down and spoke with Kenny about his message of promoting sexually purity during courtship.

With Kenny's insights in his latest book, he has advice for single men and women and pleading with them to not allow the approaching "V-Day" take them backsliding into unhealthy relationships.

Here are some insights:

·         Meet your partner at a volunteer event – Kenny states that having shared goals gives a relationship more of a foundation to build upon and instead of adding ‘notches’ to your belt, you can actually add ‘bricks’ that will make the possibilities for a long-term relationship more of a reality.

·         Wait to have sex – He is a single man that has practiced celibacy over the past several years in dating relationships. Kenny credits keeping sex absence from the relationship has given him a clearer picture of whether his love interest is a good match or a ‘good look’ and since sex is kept out of the equation, it has led to building great friendships thereby avoiding misleading someone once it’s determined there is nothing in common outside of the initial physical attraction.

·         Date Yourself – Kenny encourages singles to date themselves first and foremost to become the “Mr. or Ms. Right” they are seeking in someone else. Mr. Pugh points out in his book that there is often a lopsided ratio that says there are more women to a single man, therefore giving men the upper-hand, however, in his book, Pugh states, “the QUANTITY of women has NO correlation to the QUALITY of available women.” He concludes that men often find there are more unqualified women than they are quality women and if individuals focus on improving themselves first then they’ll be more likely to attract a quality mate that will lead to long-term benefits such as marriage.

As a matter-of-fact, you can put this into practice right now! Make sure to attend "Evening of Entertainment" in Atlanta with Kenny and friends at The Cup on February 14th! Tickets only $15 and includes a live remote of The Chat Kafe Show, Comedy, Music and Relationship Talk and includes light bites and cocktails compliments of Godiva Liqueur.

Kenny wishes to serve as a vessel of understanding in an era of disconnected, aimless, and broken relationships, and to soothe adversities of all forms, whether practical, relational, or spiritual. Through years of experience as a facilitator, workshop presenter, and keynote speaker at various conferences, ministry services, and for profit corporate events, Kenny has refined his sense of relationship success through the art of communication, willingness to be vulnerable and promoting sexual purity between dating couples.

There are more dating insights to explore in Kenny Pugh’s book, “Can You Do ITStanding Up?” so be sure to purchase yours today and sign-up for the next CYDISU event or book tour at www.kennypugh.com.

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