Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet 'The Weducator' Tia R. Ervin

Yes, we have our own IN-HOUSE wedding planning expert.  Not that I'm yet ready for her to unleash her power upon my love life, but it has a certain 'ring' to if I say so myself! (smile).
Tia R. Ervin - The Weducator

Tia R. Ervin is CEO of Milestone Occasions, LLC, a wedding planning, design, and production consultancy specializing in life’s social celebrations.  As a married mother of 2 young girls, she often refers to herself as 'Mommy Mogul', because she has mastered the art of balancing family and business.  As she builds her foundation and makes her mark as a leading wedding expert, she has adopted the name 'The Weducator' to perhaps best demonstrate that she is more than a CEO, more than a wedding planner, but she is someone that others can look to for guidance in this maze of an ever changing industry.  From wedding fashion, to wedding decor and entertainment, Tia R. Ervin as 'The Weducator' is the go to resource for brides, grooms, parents of the bride/groom, wedding party, wedding pros, and aspiring wedding planners. 

Tia recently sat down with Alicia Edwards, a Fashion Designer turned Style Writer to discuss all things weddings in anticipation of The Great Royal Marriage set to take place tomorrow, April 29, 2011.  
Tia's reaction to SEEING the Royal Couple - cute!

With close to 15 years of experience creating beautiful, unique and fantasy weddings and events, Tia has been afforded opportunities to share her knowledge with others and was most recently named as the Atlanta Chapter of the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants.   She has facilitated the power seminar "You're Engaged, Now What" presented by Plan it Productions at their Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta bridal showcase.  She has also appeared as a guest expert on Lifetime Televisions 'Get Married' hosted by Colin Cowie three times and was a speaker at the 2009 Wedding MBA Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  As the creator of the Wedding Planning Professional Workshop Series, she goes above and beyond to ensure other wedding professionals are at the top of their game.  In 2010, she was named Best of Wedding Planners in Georgia for The Knot Magazine and in 2011, she added the "Mom and Me Wedding Planning Luncheon" to her educational agenda to ensure every bride (and the woman who loves her best) has valuable information she can use to plan a wedding. Her personality is best described as part Oprah for her sensibility and generosity, with a dash of Wendy Williams and Monique for her down home quick wit. 

To read Tia's interview on the Atlanta Style Examiner, click here

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Club VIPink - Meet The Ladies of Pink Stiletto Valet (PSV)

I've had the pleasure of working with one of the hardest working women I know!  A former model and NFL-wife, Cordie Moore is a business savvy mogul mom who's sold luxe properties in her lifetime, worked as a VP at a Fortune 500 Financial Institution and now taking the male-dominated valet industry and putting a pink kiss on it with her all female valet service, Pink Stiletto Valet!

Pink Stiletto Valet™ (PSV), an all female valet, hostess and models service. PSV is sexy, savvy, and staking claim in what is a male dominated industry. Cordie Moore is CEO and Founder of a powerful and sexy brand. She says, “The PSV brand means everything to me. I want our clients to know that we are more than just pretty faces. We provide excellent service and delivery; and serve as a marketing extension of the main event.  We ensure that each client is taken care of in a manner that leaves a positive memory of each affair – whether corporate or personal.” 

The ladies just wrapped up a sexy photo shoot in anticipation of their debut in Men's Book Atlanta, a publication of Modern Luxury Media and they are gearing up for their next PSV Casting call that will take place at the Buckhead boutique of Grammy award-winning Ne-Yo and his fiancĂ©e Monyetta Shaw next month.

Below are a few of the pics, so enjoy!  To see a full album, make sure to "Like" these ladies on Facebook and to get more info about the casting call, follow them on Twitter.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Possession of Impatience

Impatience is something that I suffer from.  Since I was a child it seems I've been trying to get to the next level without really fully engulfing what the present moment means or is attempting to show me.  I started reading at the age of three (3).  The book was The Little Engine That Could, what I remember most from reading that book was "I think I can. I think I can. I think I can!" which led to the certainty of "I know I can!".  I loved it!  Everything I put my focus on - whether it was school work, my family's drama's, my friendships or my dreams, I knew I could! I COULD CHANGE things because I KNOW I CAN!  Riiiiiiggggghhhhhttttt.... #GoodLuckWithThat!

Sigh, that leads to a condition called Impatience.  I've been told by everyone who knows and loves me that I am impatient and that life really is moving at the pace it's supposed to...not sure I ever believed that, but OK.

A conversation with a dear client this weekend led me to have a 'moment' with myself when she asked me to be patient with her and the speed at which she'd like to move her brand along.  When she requested my patience, it resonated so deeply within me that I thought about it every chance I got in quiet moments and was really able to be a friend to myself and agree that she was right.  From the moment the words left her mouth, I agreed - what's the big hurry?

I have been driving myself like a slave-driver. Never-ending, non-stop, won't-stop-can't-stop force to get it done in every sense of the word.  But really, what's the big rush for?  Hasn't life shown me over and over again that things happen in the time designated for them to happen?  Exhale.  Relax. Relate and release.

I swear, I totally have the BEST clients in the world!  They appreciate me and value the service my company provides and totally get that we live and breathe SUCCESS simply because I KNOW that I AM. So, Impatience, shut up, sit down and chill!  I am no longer being possessed by you. My new accessory is called p-p-p-patience...and we're getting to know each other very well!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pageant's & Swim Suits & Skirt!'s OH MY!

What a dynamic week! We kicked it off at the site of a beautiful river front coffee house with Author & Humanitarian Linda Cox of They Had to Run and Grammy-aspiring musician Salakida to talk about a wonderful collaboration that will yield support all over the place!  I look forward to the manifestation - the location in and of itself breeds all kinds of creativity!

We also celebrated the emancipation of one client's legal nightmare that has worked out in their favor and now we're kicking off with a relaunch of a new company.  Now we just have to get that logo and website done since we have our well-connected spokeswoman in place who's going to help us take things to the NEXT level but I can't forget the major wins I've had that has everything to do with beauty pageants, magic and the power of a woman's feminineness!

Yours Truly finally got the APPROVAL I've been waiting on all my writing life from a well-beloved magazine - SKIRT!  I am now one of their "Skirt-setters" or bloggers and I'm very excited and feel very accomplished.  I believe in the brand this magazine has built as a strong voice that supports and screams FEMININITY.  Very honored, so make sure to keep up with me in the land of the Skirt!'s where women rule!

I was also referred by the gorgeous and inspiring Ms. Renee Knorr, Fashion & Beauty Director of THE 19TH HOLE MAGAZINE to be the PR Agency of Record for the 2011 Miss Georgia Latina and Miss Teen Georgia Latina Pageant that took place on Saturday at Americas Mart in downtown Atlanta. Talking about honored!!!  Wow, I am still riding high and thankful to be connected to the right people at the right time and for me, just being in the 'right' place mentally and spiritually - that matters!

Miss Georgia Latina Contestants - My FAVE was Miss Haiti Latina (In Electric Blue) she was STUNNING!

Celebrity Judge - Ms. Renee Knorr
Fashion & Beauty Director of THE 19TH HOLE MAGAZINE

I also got great news about the launch we're planning for the ladies of PSV ( Men's Book Atlanta is now an OFFICIAL partner so be on the look out for more exciting announcements! SO EXCITED!!!

All-in-all, another week of sure wins so let's keep it moving on to the NEXT!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

75 Years of a MASTER-ful Sport!

Dear readers -

You are cordially invited to partake in 75 years of style, authority, success and celebration!  Please join the 19TH HOLE MAGAZINE as they kick off the Masters of Style event this Friday, April 8th in Augusta, Georgia as the 75th Masters concludes.

You'll be in for an evening of chic golf fashion, luxury cars and cigars and a taste of lifestyle living.  Please see the invite and RSVP by April 7th!

And by the way, It's MY Pleasure! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Yes, we've been quiet...

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do and talk about it later....

That's what it's been like the past couple of days.  Life has been a whirlwind of knowing when it's time to take a step back, give attention to what's really important and re-evaluate.  Anything that grows, changes and so, you do what you gotta do!

I'm grateful to have the opportunities that I have!  I spent a little time with family in Charlotte (where I'm from) and gave my #1 fan (my 13 y/o niece some QT!) it was what my soul needed!  Hugged on my mom, laid eyes on my sister and was able to connect with family and friends (the bestie was even home from D.C.!)

But work doesn't necessarily stop just because life calls.  So, with laptop in tow and a very pleasurable experience at The Drury Inn & Suites (Northlake), I had free wifi, complimentary wine/cocktails and food in the evening while I relaxed in the 'Lazy Boy' connecting with clients via Skype, returning emails and my phone rang so much one day, my neice even sighed...that's when I knew, it was time to get quiet again. Did I mention I'm staying at The Drury Inn & Suites ALL the time whenever and wherever I can??!! AWESOME!

When I put in the needed family time, I wined down at night and closed some significant deals for a few clients.  I love negotiations!  So with that, I'm celebrating all the wins in spite of!  Pink Stiletto Valet, Model, Philanthropist and Fashion Expert, Renee Knorr, Color Blind International's stellar Matchmaker, Ming Gregory (WOWSERS!), the brilliantly artistic, Salakida, Author & Humanitarian, Linda Cox, Mr. Hello Beautiful, Dr. Nathaniel Johnson, III, and maybe some newbies to the roster...Jersey Girl Sports (WHOOP!!)  So as you can see, I found a way to still do me while I was doing what needed to be done!

You become quiet to refocus, re-purpose, replenish and sometimes even to do a little 'house-cleaning' *wink*

Special shouts to Sheen Magazine, Modern Luxury Media, Men's Book Atlanta, Inspire Me Today
Until next time....