Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pageant's & Swim Suits & Skirt!'s OH MY!

What a dynamic week! We kicked it off at the site of a beautiful river front coffee house with Author & Humanitarian Linda Cox of They Had to Run and Grammy-aspiring musician Salakida to talk about a wonderful collaboration that will yield support all over the place!  I look forward to the manifestation - the location in and of itself breeds all kinds of creativity!

We also celebrated the emancipation of one client's legal nightmare that has worked out in their favor and now we're kicking off with a relaunch of a new company.  Now we just have to get that logo and website done since we have our well-connected spokeswoman in place who's going to help us take things to the NEXT level but I can't forget the major wins I've had that has everything to do with beauty pageants, magic and the power of a woman's feminineness!

Yours Truly finally got the APPROVAL I've been waiting on all my writing life from a well-beloved magazine - SKIRT!  I am now one of their "Skirt-setters" or bloggers and I'm very excited and feel very accomplished.  I believe in the brand this magazine has built as a strong voice that supports and screams FEMININITY.  Very honored, so make sure to keep up with me in the land of the Skirt!'s where women rule!

I was also referred by the gorgeous and inspiring Ms. Renee Knorr, Fashion & Beauty Director of THE 19TH HOLE MAGAZINE to be the PR Agency of Record for the 2011 Miss Georgia Latina and Miss Teen Georgia Latina Pageant that took place on Saturday at Americas Mart in downtown Atlanta. Talking about honored!!!  Wow, I am still riding high and thankful to be connected to the right people at the right time and for me, just being in the 'right' place mentally and spiritually - that matters!

Miss Georgia Latina Contestants - My FAVE was Miss Haiti Latina (In Electric Blue) she was STUNNING!

Celebrity Judge - Ms. Renee Knorr
Fashion & Beauty Director of THE 19TH HOLE MAGAZINE

I also got great news about the launch we're planning for the ladies of PSV ( Men's Book Atlanta is now an OFFICIAL partner so be on the look out for more exciting announcements! SO EXCITED!!!

All-in-all, another week of sure wins so let's keep it moving on to the NEXT!

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