Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trying Not to Run on Empty While Serving the Globe

Monday's have a way of 'tricking' me.  I was able to schedule a block of time for me and a client to be strategic, plan and predict the possible outcomes of a major PR opportunity with a national outlet.  We were at one of my favorite places - drinking coffee, reading through magazines and looking at trends.  I love that kind of stuff! Once we were about 2 hours in and my phone was mysteriously quiet - I knew I had reason to be concerned.  Thing is, the problem didn't immediately reveal itself.  Nope, it waited to hit me today at 3:30am!

Up until that point, I felt pretty accomplished - I had tons to do (that's normal), but it all felt manageable...or so I always think.  Then I checked my BB (Blackberry) and realized two press releases I sent over had way too many grammactical errors, so up I go to my laptop....no biggie...it's ONLY 3:30am...right? Well, that was just the beginning!

I did go back to sleep after putting in 2 hours and was awakened by a reporter calling to track my client down facing a slight PR crisis and from that point on, it was meeting, after meeting, after meeting, after meeting, that my head almost started spinning because literally with each new meeting I was speaking weddings, style, fashion and golf, contracts, press releases, media relation updates and scheduling more meetings, sending over proposals and contracts, and.....you get my point!  Wooo Sah!  I do love what I do though.  I am grateful brands and clients trust me to lead the way to putting them in front of their audiences. My clients are passionate about their gifts and talents and I am passionate about their gifts and talents too and feel very privileged to be chosen to work alongside them in the greatness being created.  I just have to remember, I'm no good to them if I don't take time to fill my own tank. Even in the midst of deadlines and meetings, there has to be reflection time to realize how blessed I am to live my dream doing what I was born to do, inhaling and exhaling of the beauty around me and a pause to get my thoughts together so I'm the best ME on the J-O-B!

In the spirit of taking a moment to reflect, here's some great news coming from Renee Knorr, Fashion & Beauty expert who serves as the Fashion & Beauty director for the ultra-mod 19th Hole Magazine as they prepare for their "Colours of Golf Global Model Search"!  Pass the word!

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