Wednesday, March 2, 2011

T.MORRISON Presents.....TASTEMAKERS You Need to Know!

We published our first edition of our mini-magazine yesterday to RAVE reviews!  Not sure what the future holds for this publication, but we like what it stands for.  The purpose is to engage, inform and introduce you to the clients we represent and give you a little taste of what's it's like to be a true publicist.
There is a dedication, passion and commitment that must be inherent for success.  It's not about being in the spotlight.  It's about supporting people who are supposed to be in the spotlight find and maintain their way there.  That's my humble opinion.  There's a time for all and there's room for all, so let's grow together and root for each other along the way!

Enough of my soapbox, it's been a long but exciting day already and I'll share those deets later.  Enjoy the read and share your feedback!  P.S. - PR Stars, I WANT to FEATURE you and what you're doing for your clients, so hit us up!

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