Saturday, March 5, 2011

T.MORRISON AGENCY Clients IN the Media - Week of February 28th

In HONOR of Women's History Month, I want to start off my homage to my grandmother, Anna Lois Davis Morrison, whom I don't remember personally because she passed on when I was only 7 months, but the stories of the love she bestowed upon me, I feel like I've known her all my life - I do remember her love!  Thanks Grandma for believing in me when you first laid eyes on me!

I love to report good news, it keeps a permanent smile on my face, no matter how hard we're working behind the scenes! Here are our clients showing off wonderful talents this week:

Matchmaker, Ming Gregory had an AMAZING time as a guest on The Steve Harvey Morning Show.  She was on to talk about her dating agency, Color Blind International.  Unfortunately, Mr. Harvey was on location in Orlando, but we had the pleasure of meeting Shirley "Strawberry" and "Rashan, Steve's Boss", (he was a trip, made me a little nervous at times, LOL). Steve Harvey is such a FOOL and had us dying laughing the entire time! I can tell his cast have a ball working with him.  The jokes can throw you off your game if you're not ready, but Ming did her thing and before we left, she made sure to let Mr. Harvey know he would be seeing her again, as he instructed us to sit down with his producers to talk about....well, you'll just have to wait to hear more!  In the meantime, if you're in need of some help navigating the online world of dating or really want the help of a professional, check out Ming and her relationship counselor's at Color Blind International.

For the Umpteenth time, MING, get OFF the phone! LOL

Shirley Strawberry & Matchmaker Ming Gregory in the studio

Ming laughing at Steve Harvey's foolishness - SMH!

Mr. "Rashan, Steve's Boss" is in the bldg!

Parenting Expert, Dr. Bisa is quite the 'go to' woman, zippin' around Atlanta giving her advice, counsel and initiating educational plans for our children. From her work with The United Way of Metro-Atlanta, the Atlanta Public Schools, writing children's books, delivering parenting workshops and giving of her time to several nonprofits and organizations to conducting classes to early childhood educators to help them keep their jobs in place and provide learning tools to enhance our children's educational success, she also finds time to speak to the media - whew, I'm tired!  This week Dr. Bisa spoke with journalist and host, Krystle Nicole Russin on her radio show yesterday giving valuable parenting advice, check it out here.

Our newest addition to the team has been doing a wonderful job as well attracting media with her savvy & sexy brand, so check out Master Lash Specialist, Ms. Shea Evans of Flirt 'n Flutter Beauty Boutique Lounge with her exclusive on Rolling Out Mag's TV special.

It's great to be in the company of women doing awesome things! Happy Women's Herstory Month ladies - keep making HERstory relevant!

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