Thursday, March 24, 2011

All in a Week's Work

Whew! Did the roller coaster stop yet?  Okay, let me get my thoughts together!  So, this is what 'growth' feels like: living by a calendar every day, talking on the phone nonstop, relying on spell check for all emails, wish there was a grammar check too, thinking you left a message for the "right" Jane when there are two or more stored in your phone and feeling like an idiot when you find out you made the mistake.  Over-committing, over-scheduling, over's officially time for some strategic down time.

While I'm forever grateful for this "ride", I have to realize we are short-staffed right now and although I LOVE being at everyone's beck and call, I must 'shut it down' to 'get er done!' So with that, Ima (yes, I said Ima! LOL) leave you with some pictures from the Men's Book Atlanta Launch hosted by Modern Luxury Media (Thanks for the invite D'anne!) that I attended with my newest add, Pink Stiletto Valet's CEO Cordie Moore.  One. Word. SWANKY! This magazine is really dope! We really had a good time. 


Pink Stiletto's CEO Cordie Moore enjoying Jamison & Ginger Ale

Private Residence in Buckhead (thought I was in Miami, beautiful!)

"B" stands for "Bentley" The BOYS will LOVE this book!

Cordie & Tamika

Don't like this pic, but Cordie looks great and the men do too! Nigerian Businessman, Stan Mukuro is the tallest one, Bespoke!

Also, check out the client news this week.  Good stuff!  

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