Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I know for sure.....Is this....

As long as you TRUST that you were created for a purpose and a reason, that you're needed and God is brilliant, LIFE will be good to you.  The good and the bad, the sunshine and the rain are all part of the plan. Believe it or not the pain IS a NEEDED ingredient for the awesomeness to happen. For-real.

It's been an intense but pure exhilarating week.  I absolutely LOVE zipping across Atlanta from Buckhead to Midtown hideaways and even the circle of I-285 to get from Decatur to Cascade Road.  I absolutely love to switch between being on the set of an editorial shoot with a glossy magazine for clients to training clients on "Blogging 101" in the comfort of my home office while clients make themselves comfortable on the couch or on the floor. Talking cosmetics, beauty and lifestyle in mini-mansions ain't bad either, and I had my moment with that this week too (yeah I'm smug, LOL)

And then there are the many phone calls to and from media, clients, vendors, inquiriers and employees to returning messages that reach from New York to LA. But what makes my day the most is when the clients go for the gold and start talking national with only names that everybody know!

But the best of it all is when the media responds with a RESOUNDING YES and then I know it's a job well done and this week, we got those wins in too!   What I know for sure is that I'm having the time of my life and LIVING each day in its fullness from joy to frustration to surprise to creative innovation - I feel it all! So THANK YOU to my clients for allowing me to join you on your life's journey because you are the main ingredient to why I enjoy life the way that I do!

Enjoy pics from my adventures this week!
Flirt & Flutter Lash Loft - Atlanta (Downtown)

Beauty Expert/Owner - Shea Evans chatting up the photog about her pictures

Beauty Expert & Master Lash Specialist, Shea Evans of Flirt & Flutter Atlanta

It's takes a village - Shea's creative director, Carlos making sure everything's in place!

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Ms Roz said...

Thank You. You are blessed and you bless others through what you share with us. It Motivates others to embrace their God given talents and strive to achieve new goals.