Friday, October 26, 2012

Jayda "Divva" Cabbell Launches Mission of Love Road Trip Showcasing Random Acts of Kindness

“Divva on a Mission” is a cross country mission road trip of love, hope, inspiration and random acts of kindness to serve others.  The brainchild of the self-professed ‘Love Divva’ (the two v’s stands for a double dose of love), Jayda Cabbell is a noted author, celebrated chef and well-known philanthropist. Kicking off in Atlanta, this journey will travel to 11 major US cities and end in New Orleans her hometown.

Jayda arrived in Atlanta by way of New Orleans via Hurricane Katrina. She knew immediately that it would be a struggle continuing her company Divva Dishes in a city as large as Atlanta where no one knew her; however, instead of wallowing in self-pity, she decided to help others with bigger problems than her own. With her four children in tow, Jayda began feeding the homeless right outside of her hotel room. That experience quickly grew which in turn helped Jayda get her business off the ground through word of mouth.

Since Hurricane Katrina, Jayda has structured her life and business in the art of helping those in need through her nonprofit, Jayda Cabbell’s Love Foundation (JCLF/BITS), conducting community events to benefit those who need it the most, mentoring the youth, feeding the hungry and homeless.

Mission details include a kick-off in Atlanta as Jayda and her team fill up for the road trip; they will surprise someone at a gas station with a fill-up and a gift basket. Then they will head to Memphis where they will provide manicures and massages for deserving individuals.  They will also visit St. Louis, Denver, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston, with the finale in New Orleans.
The mission will be well-documented; capturing every aspect of the trip that Divva and her crew of five will encounter. “This journey will inspire others through the spirit of love and giving. I am embarking on a journey to serve deserving individuals who courageously face adversity daily and all are welcome to join us!” She says, “Prepare to laugh, cry and be inspired.”  There are plans to share details of the mission trip through social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In addition to the activities set in stone, random acts of kindness; bonus elements of surprise and inspiration will happen throughout the journey.
“Divva on a Mission” needs your partnership to make this second tour a tremendous success! To join or inquire about partnering with “Divva on a Mission”, please visit or call 855-635-LOVE.

T.MORRISON AGENCY is excited to be a sponsor of this tremendous effort!

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