Monday, October 29, 2012

Client Kenny Pugh on 5 Factors to Determine Value on the Relationship Market


Life & Relationship Strategist, Kenny Pugh asks singles to consider if they possess some key values when it comes to your readiness for a healthy relationship on called  5 Factors to Determine Value on the Relationship Market.

Take a read and if you're led to share your thoughts, please do so!  You may qualify for a complimentary download of one Kenny Pugh's tele-seminars equipping singles how to have a dynamic single life so they can have a mind-blowing married life (if that's the path they choose).

If you would like more information about Kenny Pugh, upcoming classes, his weekly radio show or if you would like to request Kenny to speak at your next empowerment workshop or seminar, please contact the T.MORRISON AGENCY directly.

** Excerpts in this article are from "Can You Do IT Standing Up? A Different Position on Relationships" by Kenny Pugh**

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