Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Tale of Two Birds

Recently I saw two cardinals. A male and female and I was awestruck.  Not because I saw the cardinal, although, seeing one should be a gleeful reminder of the miracles in the world around us, but I was awestruck because it was the first time I'd ever seen a pair...together!

I believe God uses the sight of this particular bird to communicate with me.  It began our way of communicating years ago, so when I see one, it's not out of the ordinary, rather, it's quite ordinary for me.  It's my constant reminder of goodness, mercy and favor available to me at any given moment.  But this time...seeing the cardinal "partnered" I wasn't sure what it meant, all I know is that it signified something BIG, something meaning 'double!' It has to!

It was quite significant since I was leaving a meeting that was a pretty big deal with a woman by my side, who by all accounts, is a pretty big deal. So I KNEW it meant something very meaningful.  I was stuck in 'awe' for at least 5 minutes that seemed like 10 or 15 because those birds paraded themselves so gloriously allowing my business acquaintance and I to experience their presence and remark how unusual it was to find them in such an odd place.  We both acknowledged the significance of the moment and claimed it as evidence of BIG things and "Double" victories to come! Stay tuned (Big Smile!)

So in the spirit of "Big" and "Double", I share with you the great accomplishments of our client, Mrs. Linda Cox, an author and humanitarian who's been given her fair share of goodness, mercy and favor - and RIGHTFULLY so!
Author & Humanitarian, Linda Cox

Linda is the author of the children's book They Had to Run, which tells the real-life story of her Rwandan friends Simon and Kedress Nizramakenga.  Having had to escape the early rumblings as orphans of what became known as the Rwandan Genocide, Simon and Kedress returned to their native land as adults helping to build restoration in Rwanda and their partnership with Linda, her family and friends, they created the nonprofit organization, One Hundred Days, which is dedicated to helping to rebuild Rwanda, namely, through the construction of the first pediatric hospital in that region.

We are grateful to all of the wonderful media partnerships they have garnered the past couple of months and wish to share their accomplishments with you.
Nikka Shae covers "Fashion's Night Out Atlanta" featuring MARKET RWANDA
One Hundred Days' MARKET RWANDA featured in "SHOP ATLANTA"

Linda's on pages 30 - 31 in Atlanta Tastemaker Magazine. Roger Bobb of Bobb Cat Films on front cover
Enjoy and do support their work by becoming one of their lucky "birds" or requesting Linda and her team to come for a book reading or have a jewelry party and get your own signature jumbo beaded necklace being sported by Nikka Shae of Oh Nikka! and now Candra Jolly, Publisher of KRAZE Magazine.

Yellow Jumbo Beads - Aren't they Gorgeous?!!
Also, check out Linda's fab pictures taken by the wonderful Paul Biagui of Paul Biagui Photography at LuXe Lifestyle event on October 12th where Linda was honored along with the below fabulous women!  Linda is standing beside Grammy-nominated songstress, songwriter, producer/director Nicci Gilbert formerly of the R&B group Brownstone.

Special thanks to Modern Luxury, Jezebel Magazine, Oh Nikka, KRAZE Magazine, Atlanta Tastemaker Magazine, Total Education Network, LuXe LifeStyle, Nicci Gilbert and Renee Knorr for their support of the great work of Linda Cox & One Hundred Days! 

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