Saturday, October 29, 2011

Relax, Release & Refresh!

It's vacation time and it came right on time and SO divinely! We are closing the office down for one week beginning on Monday, October 31st and will be kicking off the Halloween holiday on a party cruise in foreign waters!

Guess what?! We absolutely had no clue until seven (7) days ago this would be happening! A client, who values our partnership and sees the value we add to their brand GIFTED US! That's right?!! When you commit yourself to your passion, knowing it's your calling, despite the distractions, the "Debbie Downers" and those who may not even know how to value themselves to understand how to value you; TRUST and KNOW you WILL BE  justly rewarded if you FAINT NOT.

Sayonara baby we'll see you in one week and in the meantime, enjoy catching up on our wins!

On October 27th, celebrity designer, Jennifer Van Galder & William "Bryan" Rose launched their Inerior Design Showroom in Atlanta - For nearly two decades, California-based Maudlin, has been providing the highest quality in interiors to residents. Maudlin, founded by one of the original Doublemint Twins, Jennifer Van Galder, is situated on the design savvy stretch of Girard Avenue in La Jolla. Van Galder is now opening her Atlanta location, Maudlin et al, with business partner, William "Bryan" Rose who is owner of Artifactual, an international antique furniture store that has been serving the area for nearly...(click here to read more)

We had a blast! The support from my media friends is ALWAYS greatly appreciated! Jai Marie (Southern Fashionality), Nikka Shea (Oh Nikka!), Courtney Luv (I Am Courtney Luv), Rhoda (Southern Hospitality), Lori Ray, Bervette (CNN), Candra (KRAZE Magazine), Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle thanks for coming out and SPECIAL THANKS to Paul Biagui of Paul Biagui Photography, he's THE BEST as well as Vincent of Food Lovers Catering
Jai Marie/Southern Fashionality, Tamika/T.MORRISON Agency, Nikka Shae/Oh Nikka!

Tamika/T.MORRISON AGENCY, Debra, guest, Bervette/CNN Producer

Mimi Long/MAUDLIN, Tamika/T.MORRISON AGENCY, Jennifer Van Galder/Bryan Rose of MAUDLIN et al 

Delicious food from Food Lovers Catering,

Atlanta-based Social Media Expert, Robin M. Ware (The Ware Agency) hosts conference for Independent Event and Meeting Planners in November - For the fifth (5th) year in a row, The Ware Agency will host its annual event and meeting planners training conference, rebranded as Inspire! Imagine! And Ignite! The Event Mastery Conference taking place November 11th and 12th at the Westin Buckhead. With a heavy emphasis on social media, the conference always attracts planners and event producers from all across the nation and internationally. Click here for details on how to register for this "You Need to Be There" conference!

Bishop Paul Morton, Robin Ware and The Gospel Tribune - Sept 2011

Robin M. Ware, CMP/The Ware Agency

AND there's more to come, so STAY TUNED!


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