Monday, March 23, 2009

Short on Cash? Bartering May Be Your Best Bet

Another bank failed in Georgia and I'm sure they're falling down in your state too, so what's the small biz owner to do??

Never fret, there is a solution! For those of us - small biz and just regular old folk looking for a good deal, bartering may be the next best thing! Yes, bartering. Who knew? Well apparently, the brilliant folks at NuBarter saw this happening a long time ago and set the wheel in motion.

Now we have a well-oiled machine helping businesses sustain this pyscho economy that comes and goes with the wind!

Victor Arnold of HB Fitness in Smyrna was in need of podiatry work when he decided to explore opportunities available to him through NuBarter. Victor shares, “When I joined NuBarter, I mentioned to Jenny and Aaron the issues I’d been having with my feet.” He continues, “They told me of a podiatrist that was a fellow member in the Atlanta area and I called to schedule an appointment.”

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