Sunday, March 1, 2009

The PR Saga: Featuring Chris Brown & Rhianna

As a publicist, I often wonder about my fellow publicists – specifically Chris & Rhianna's publicists as they try to figure out how to manage this crisis PR situation. I can only imagine it's daunting at best, but a statement of "She's doing well, thanks for asking" is not really saying anything.

The media is now saying they are back together, that she is pregnant, that Chris really doesn't want her, that she's 'head-over-hills in love' ...blah, blah, blah....can we get some real truth from the sources? I'm just saying...

The public wants to know what's really going on – hey, they are in the PUBLIC'S EYE and LOVE the attention when it's making them lots of money. I say, since you're profiting on my attention when it works for you, then I at least need a decent answer as to what's going on.

Not only that, here's a chance to really shine in the face of tremendous adversity as a publicist. Some things I would do are:

  • Seek out an "exclusive" with a few trusted sources in print, TV or radio
  • Put out an official blog and let the fans know that you know they are concerned omitting twitter and Facebook as sources
  • Have an answer for media speculation - quickly
  • Make some phone calls to organizations, businesses, etc. and work to partner by being a voice of reason, an advocate, etc. to soften the blow
  • Last but not least, keep it moving the best way you can with your head held high

When you're in the public eye, it's hard to deal with a private situation publicly, let alone in actual privacy when no one seems to understand you need time and space to come to grips with things.

Nonetheless, they are someone's clients, but they are also people.

Fellow publicists, what do you think? How would you handle such a crisis?

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