Monday, September 26, 2011

Living an Inspired & Purposeful Life

Everything in life has purpose.  Yes, it's true...everything in life has purpose. The flowers that bloom in the garden, the caterpillar that humps slowly along, the client from hell and yes, even that self-centered friend that irks your LAST nerve! If you look past it's momentary beauty (or unpleasantness), it's oddity and even the pain and really look with the Eyes of Wisdom, you will see and appreciate the purpose it has for showing up for you.

Since I was in my early 20's, I was always on a quest for "What Am I Here For?" and by golly, I am so thankful to 'seek and ye shall find'.  Every time I think I 'have arrived', I realize there's more than meets the eye AND more to come - how exciting!!

With that, I had such an amazing and inspiring week! I was given the privilege of being invited to the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce as they celebrated the Brazil Fest. It was really amazing, VIPs of the city and from the country of Brazil including the Consulate General of Brazil were in attendance and everything from the 2014 World Cup and its opportunities, the 2016 Olympics and increasing tourism to the beautiful state of Bahia, Brazil where Salavdor is located were items of discussion. (Forget what you heard about Rio de Janiero, there's a new destination in town!)

Bahia, Brazil
As I sat there, I recalled the many years of declaring international opportunities for business and myself and here it had arrived! That was followed by introductions, follow-up meetings and then brunch with one of the VIPs on Sunday (when a mtg is scheduled on a Sunday, that's when you KNOW it's the real deal) to solidify what our agency offers and how we truly are an ally to the marketing plans scheduled for all the great opportunities surrounding this great country. I learned SO MUCH this week from history, culture (my own) to just pure gratitude and understanding that my belief in myself and my purpose is unfolding quite beautifully.

That was followed by a wonderful panel discussion held at Spelman College by Friday Girl TV's "Talk Back Series", The Sex Kitten vs. The Super Brain: A Panel Discussion of African American Women in Media The panel included:

October Rose & Ashia Sims of Friday Girl TV (Girl Genius Productions) did an amazing job putting this together. The panelists did an amazing job of offering great perspective being in media and solutions and ways they are making a difference and provided the young college students ways they can affect some great change just by knowing they too are powerful and purposeful in who they already are! The young ladies were inspired and left motivated knowing they can change anything they don't like or want to make better in the media or in their respective calling.  It was wonderful!

Just being in the Cosby Auditorium, named in honor of Bill Cosby's wife Camille Cosby, was a reminder of the blessed life I am living. Although I didn't have the opportunity to attend Spelman (and I wanted to, really I wanted to attend Clark-Atlanta), I have been blessed to have access to all these wonderfully historic HBCUs since I made the trek to Atlanta almost 5 years ago. I still pinch myself at times to live this wonderful life as it unfolds before my very eyes. I say often, "Who would've thunk it?!"....

As I venture into another week of uncertainties, I know it only holds the best of the greatest possibilities that are limitless and full of purpose. And I know that all that I encounter, people, places, things and sit-che-a-tions (LOL), are purposed for my good!

Enjoy the pics, more will be posted soon and let this inspire you to KNOW your life has tremendous purpose and positive power!

from l to r: Erin Harper, Megan Ford, Tamika, guest and Renee Knorr (tallest!)

Erin Harper, Megan Ford, Tamika Morrison

back: Angela G., Renee Knorr, Nicci Gilbert, October Rose, Nina Brown
front: Saptosa, Tamika, Jazzy McBee

Special thanks to: Friday Girl TV, Paul Biagui Photography,, Erin Harper (Open Letter to Shaunie O'Neal), Holly at SHEEN Magazine

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