Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy! Happy! Joy! JOY

Oh boy, it's been a thrilling ride since I returned from my mini-vacay to the mountains for my birthday. I must do a blog just on the JOYful time I had! Don't worry, that's coming!

Upon driving back to Atlanta in dreary but perfect mountain-getaway weather, I immediately came back to cleaning out the inbox, returning phone calls, attending meetings, pitching, writing press releases, strategy meetings and fashion events! Gotta love my life (smug).

Speaking of the fashion events - the Betsey Johnson fashion show on the 6th was fierce!  Our client, Model and Fashion Beauty Director for the 19th Hole Magazine, Renee Knorr co-hosted the event with the lovely Suchita Vadlamani formerly of Good Day Atlanta.  I want to personally thank the fab Nikka Shea of Oh! Nikka and Alicia Edwards, fashion/style blogger for their write-ups.

Renee Knorr with Suchita Vadlamani

On September 8th, client One Hundred Days with Author/Humanitarian Linda Cox debuted Market Rwanda at the pop-up shop in Atlantic Station and boy were they impressive!  I literally walked in with my mouth dropped open in ooooooooo's and ahhhhhhh's. Congratulations to the fabulous team at One Hundred Days, Susan & David S., Kelli & Scott S., Jim C., and former Miss America, Kirsten Haglund. What professionals!!

Market Rwanda made quite a splash at the pop-up event and started making sales even before the party officially started. Gotta be those chunky beads, or maybe it's the colorful bags or the rings or earrings?  I don't know, it's all gorgeous!  Enjoy some of the pics below and read the blog over at OHD for more commentary.

What a week, but it's been so happy and joyful and I'm so thankful to all the people and events I'm connected  to that made it all possible! (((HUGS)))

We're ready for shopping!
model wearing Market Rwanda beads

Look at that fanfare! Linda in grey wearing those famous chunky beads!
Yellow Chunky Beads from Market Rwanda
Yellow Chunky beaded earrings from Market Rwanda

Awesome party Modern Luxury!  Also special thanks to Nikka Shea (Oh! Nikka) & Holly Clay (Sheen Magazine) for coming out!

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