Tuesday, October 29, 2013

#SLAMU Dating Reality Show Makes Front Page News in Memphis, Airing November 2nd


**Stay tuned for updates re: media sightings in Memphis and Indy-South Bend markets now through November 2nd**

“She Loves a Man in Uniform”(SLAMU) will launch on the CW Network in Memphis at 5pm CST and will launch in the Indianapolis and South Bend markets on Channel 40 and 46 respectively at 9pm. The dating show special, produced by 70WesTV, just might be what Grey's Anatomy, NYPD Blue, CSI, or the NFL locker room were like if placed in a blind-date game show format. SLAMU is a fun blind-date game show that brings single ladies together with handsome single guys in a multitude of uniforms from NFL jerseys to moving company t-shirts offering the real possibility of finding true love.

Former CIA Intelligence Profiler, Patrick Parks EdM, serves as host of the show. The former Memphian is a graduate of East High School who went on to the University of Notre Dame then Harvard University.

Produced by Indy-based 70WesTV, producers Felicia Moodie (left) and Tamara Stubblefield (far right), are the creators of several projects set to launch in late 2013 and early 2014. DJ Lite Blu is also featured above and serves as "PParks" hype-woman. 

Thanks to Memphis' Commercial Appeal for the FRONT PAGE feature!!

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