Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 - The Fulfillment of Purpose!

By: @1stLadyofPR

Let me start off by simply saying, "Happy New Year!"  It is already one week old and the very fact that we are just getting to a post tells me a lot about what our year will be like - activity!  But not just 'activity' for the sake of saying we are 'busy'. We are excited about the purposeful, passionate and prosperous client and projects we are blessed to serve!

Personally, 2013 signifies the year of promises being fulfilled and the end of 2012 gave me proper heads-up. From the kinds of projects we are working on, to the type of clients we are working with and even the expansion of our service offerings.  I am a praying woman!  I have been praying for many years and have been on this journey for 7 1/2 years.  If you are in any way familiar with number/numerical symbolism, you will know, 7 signifies the number of completion.  That's says it all!

I am truly grateful for the 7 years of hard work, dedication, praying, patience, growing and learning I've been able to do.  And I am equally grateful for the full harvest that will roost upon me personally and corporately.

I am hopeful that in some small way, I have encouraged you - whether in my personal reflection posts as an entrepreneur/SheEO, corporately, as an agency constantly adding to our client roster or as interns taking a stab at what life has to offer through various experiences and projects. I intend on being a positive example of what can happen if you only dare to take one small step toward your dreams.  I never thought I would be an entrepreneur, even as a child when I would pretend to be the boss over my siblings, somewhere along the way, I brought a lie that I wasn't 'fit' for the corner office.  Thank God HE exposed that lie and gave me the courage to take a path that has been filled with interesting and amazing twists and turns.

I declare, this is the year that dreams will fully manifest in the most amazing tangible ways and I look forward to having you along for this magical ride!

So CHEERS to a happy new year and better us!

Special thanks to our dear clients and media partners that made 2012 a year to never forget! I can honestly say there are too many to name, but you know who you are because I let you know how grateful I am as much as I can.

Cheers to PROMISES fulfilled in the new year! #1stLadyRules

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