Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Wedding Wednesday - 12.12.12!!!

By: 1stLadyofPR

Well today is 12.12.12, a very significant date because of the sequence of numbers and it also signifies a couple of other things:

  1. The LAST time we will see a sequence of dates happen like this in our lifetime.......Selah......(waaaay heavy I know, let's change the subject!)
  2. And it's #WeddingWednesday for those in the wedding/bridal industries!
There are several couples actually tying the knot to signify their love on the last of the unique numerical dates which is good news for our client,  They are not only happy to share the loving story of couples getting married today (please visit their site for details) but they are also having a BOGO sale for their upcoming bridal show taking place 01.13.13, numbers with a special little 'ring' on its own (pun-intended)!

Also, wanna shout out our fabulous media partners: OhNikka!, Blog Fab Official (Blog Fab Fashionistas (BFFs),, SHEEN Magazine & Rolling Out Magazine.  This year's upcoming show will be EPIC!

To read all about the official 'biz' check out the below press release. If you are media and would like to know how to cover/attend the event for coverage, please contact us! Announce Media Partners for Signature Social Media Lounge | PRLog:

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