Tuesday, April 24, 2012


By: Kelli King

            With the non-stop buzz about the newly opened movie ‘Think Like A Man’, Our client, ‘RelationshipStrategist’, Kenny Pugh with a special guest panelist including Matchmaker, April Mason, Tiffini Gatlin of Atlanta Tastemaker Magazine, Radio Show Host/Bestselling Author, Steve Harvey’s daughter, Brandi Harvey, authors and relationship experts Bo Beaudoin and Jack Daniels tackled the many issues concerning relationships today. The relationship panel discussion and networking event brought a packed house to Justin’s Restaurant.

            The public started rolling in at 8 o’clock sharp and without any delay at 9 p.m. Tamika Morrison took to the stage to introduce Kenny, then followed by his tremendous panelist for the evening. Kenny who sat in the middle, started the discussion off by enforcing the fact that this was going to be a non-judgmental zone and everyone’s opinion was to be respected.

            The discussion was such an engaging topic that everyone in the house was totally captivated by it. The diner room, the bar and foyer area were all filled with the overflow of guest all tuned into the stage. Even patrons that came into the restaurant that evening just for dinner were all zoned in to what Kenny and his guests had to say. I even heard one couple say, “Looks like we picked a good night, were getting dinner and a show!”

While seating back at the bar I heard everyone talking amongst themselves; commenting and adding their own tid-bits to what was being said on stage, everyone was completely interactive. The event went on without a hitch, and everyone seemed to truly enjoy themselves.

After the close of the panel I watched as everyone got up and began mingling, exchanging handshakes and business cards and yet you could hear the chattering of the topic at hand. Needless to say the event was a smash hit, a great success and a Twitter trending topic #TLAMConvo, thank you to all those that attended. T.MORRISON Agency does it again!

T.Morrison (T.MORRISON AGENCY) & Saptosa Foster (135th Street Agency)

"The Relationship Strategist", Kenny Pugh & Brandi Harvey

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