Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Media, Media & MORE Media!

It's been a great month for clients of T.MORRISON AGENCY as we launched into the month of August, which astrologically, is calling for Mercury to be in Retrograde much of the month, which means communication will be delayed or snarled and even garbled. But for us, communication is actually what we're all about this month!

Starting off, Jersey Girl Sports, an online multimedia lifestyle brand for female sports fans, the hottest online sports and web TV destination created for women by women was on CBS Better Mornings giving ladies a play-by-play of football now that we know we will have an NFL Season.  The ladies will host their Atlanta-based 1st & Flirty at Hudson Grille on September 18th with celebrity athletes and other Atlanta's who's who. Tickets are only $20, so ladies let's get our Football on!

Ming Gregory of Color Blind International got her spotlight in the Fall issue of Sheen Magazine (p.47), a national publication dedicated to discussing issues from the African-American woman's perspective.  Ming dishes on Interracial dating and why she believes love really is color blind, so pick up your copy today!

Also, Dr. Nathaniel Johnson, celebrity cosmetic surgeon based in Atlanta is featured in Nip Notes of Sheen Magazine where he outlines the points to keep in mind when looking for a cosmetic surgeon (p.45). Dr. Johnson is also featured in this month's Kraze Magazine with the ever-so-sexy Romeo on the front cover and Kore Magazine's "Skin & Beauty" issue respectively with the sexy Lance Gross on the front cover! Dr. Johnson continues to enlighten us on how to go about enhancing our assets and such in both magazines and he should know since he's Atlanta's #1 rated celebrity cosmetic surgeon!

Client Linda Cox, author and humanitarian had a successful book signing and art exhibit at Emerging Art Scene in Atlanta on July 31st.  Make sure to check out her media interviews and a summary of the event on her site!

Special thanks to: Rex Goliath (Word of Mouth Global), V103/Community Affairs, 1160am's "Women on the Move", Radio Sandy Springs, SportsTalk on VoiceAmerica, CBS Better Mornings Atlanta, Kore Magazine, Kraze Magazine and Sheen Magazine and Emerging Arts Scene.

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