Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday Media Leads Haute Off The Press!

Haute Off The Press!
Please respond to these leads ASAP. It is dated and time sensitive. We are looking for people with the following experience to be considered for media/journalists interviews. Please note, these opportunities are for clients of The Write Stylz Public Relations Firm only. No Exceptions.

Title: Early Childhood Parenting Examiner

Media Outlet/Publication:

Deadline: 6:00 PM PACIFIC - December 1

Query: "Looking for all you wonderful PR folks that represent politicians,actors, singers, writers, and all other forms of celebrities... fora special edition version of my popular Do It All Mamas and Papasseries. This series asks moms and dads (usually who own a business and/or who have invented something cool) about 10 short questions about what they do, how they "do it all", advice for other parents, etc. In the celebrity edition, I'm looking for celebrities that are moms and dads (of all ages) to answer by email the short emailinterview. It can all be done directly thru the publicist/manager/etc if needed.

My column gets 40,000+ page views per month. And of course, your clients can pimp their newbook/show/album/series/whatever as much as they want in theinterview! Or all of it if they're ultimate multi-taskers. I'llinclude links to all of their projects. I'll need you to provide a publicity photo of said celebrity and any products they're pimping too.

Summary: PJs as holiday gift

Category: Lifestyle & Entertainment

Media Outlet/Publication: national news organization

Deadline: 6:00 PM EASTERN - October 30

Query: "With home heating prices high and the slumping economy, what better holiday gift for kids than pajamas. I am looking for real people buying pjs as gifts for their kids or others( or who have done so in the past) and info and pictures from manufacturers on the latest pjs. Who's got the best styles, fabrics and fit? Also, does anyone's kids wear their pjs outside - to go get a bagel Sunday morning or to go to a friend's house? Please share some details.

Summary: Event Planner Resolutions

Category: General

Media Outlet/Publication: Event Solutions Magazine

Deadline: 9:00 AM PACIFIC - November 3

Query: "I am looking for event planners who are willing to share their personal and professional new years resolutions for our December issue. If that's you, please tell me your name, title, company and resolutions and why you chose them.

Summary: Celebrity moms

Category: General

Media Outlet/Publication:

Deadline: 5:00 PM EASTERN - October 30

Query: "I'm looking for celebrity moms to interview for, a SheKnows Web site. The interview will focus on how each celebrity mom -- whether actor, author, musician, etc.-- keeps it together and seems to do it all. The questions will allow them to reveal their empowered side, as well as the everyday things they deal with when it comes to their kids. It's a greatopportunity for them to get the word out about their latestproject, show, book, album, etc. "

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